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Defender Picks


Top Hops: Second Line Brewing’s Comeback Kid

You know what we here at NoDef love about these craft beers, man? We get older, but they stay the same taste. This weekend, Second Line Brewing will re-release a real crowd favorite: an IPA brew as smooth as Mr. McConaughey himself.


McConaughey Gushes About NOLA

Matthew McConaughey’s love for “the big beautiful mess” that we call New Orleans is well documented. The actor just added to his canon with ,ore gushing praise in a new interview with Garden & Gun.

French Quarter Fling: Brad Pitt Beers Matthew McConaughey (VIDEO)

This weekend, the the hordes of French Quarter ghost tour-goers were replaced by hordes of paparazzi. With Brad Pitt and wife Angelina Jolie in town for the annual Make It Right Gala, the photogs were looking for any sign of mundane activity. But drinking beers and playing catch got an extra limelight lift when Mathew McConaughey emerged on a balcony across the street from the Pitts.

True Detective

Review of HBO's La. Based Crime Drama, Episode 3, "The Locked Room"

Tensions are running high between Detectives Hart and Cohle at the beginning of “The Locked Room.” To be more accurate, Marty Hart is becoming more disenchanted with his partner by the minute. Every response to his questions sets his jaw tighter. By the end of the first scene, it appears that Hart is spoiling for a fight. It doesn’t matter what Cohle may say or do, it’s the antithesis of what Hart believes should be happening.

Review: HBO's 'True Detective' Episode 1

by Tierney Monaghan 

Just a few weeks after the conclusion of HBO’s New Orleans drama, Treme, the network returned last night with a new series set in Louisiana, True Detective. From the title sequence onward, it is clear that True Detective focuses on a completely different part of Louisiana. This is the less glamorous, less soundtrack driven, less Mardi Gras bead-studded Louisiana that so often gets lumped into the general “rural south” in many people’s minds. This is the Louisiana dotted with oil refineries, sugar cane fields, and tiny houses in tiny towns.

Woody Harrelson Down with OPP?

OPP is no stranger to the camera, but will it see another movie star direct from Hollywood South soon? Woody Harrelson seems to think so. In an interview with Details Magazine, the longtime Crescent City enthusiast said it's "likely" that he'll be the next celeb to get arrested in New Orleans.

Movies, Reality Blurrier

Here in the City of Dreams, the oft-pondered question, 'Am I in a movie right now?' has renewed meaning. With a spate of big movies setting up shop this month, chances have increased that the daily dose of a guy walking up to you on the street and saying something weird about your clothes is actually being filmed. We've been holding our director's megaphones to the ground, picking up rumbilngs that Christopher Walken and Christian Slater are in town shooting an "indie thriller" titled "The Power of the Few." Hopefully Walken takes in some bounce, absorbing the necessary cadences for a reinterpretation. There's more!

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