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Defender Picks


Oranges't Ya Coming? Ingram Courts Auburn Allumn

Almost exactly a year ago, Mark Ingram learned that he would remain a Saint. In the time since, the visibly relaxed running back has whole-heartedly embraced New Orleans. Now, he is even helping the Saints out in their effort to recruit free agent defensive tackle Nick Fairley.

"Blessed" Ingram Stays a Saint

Mark Ingram is a man accustomed to proving the pundits wrong. First, the talking heads were adamant that the Saints running back was yet another Heisman winner who couldn’t make it in the pros. After, the five foot nine, 215 pound Alabama allum put up a Pro Bowl season, the chattering class was convinced that a departure from New Orleans was imminent. Ingram proved them wrong again. Number 22 inked a four year, 16 million dollar contract to stay a Saint.

Ingram Not Tagged, But Still It

The past few off-seasons for the Saints have been an education in the finer points of the NFL rulebook not to mention the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Jimmy Graham alone provided enough legal drama to fill a John Grisham novel. Negotiations in 2015 might generate lots of ink, but unlike the Graham saga, the “franchise player” tag will probably not come into play according to the NFL Network, 

Black & Gold Untarnished in Pro Bowl

Who Dats had one last chance to watch the Black n’ Gold this season on Sunday (1.25) night. Several Saints played in the Pro Bowl, and they made the most of the night. Four of the game’s touchdowns were the work of New Orleans’ players.

Mark Ingram Bets on 'Bama and Wears the Price

Apparently, it's not just fans who are subject to sartorial shamings after wagering on sports. Saints running back and Alabama allum Mark Ingram spent Thursday morning clad in the orange and navy blue of rival Auburn.

Saints' Ingram Looks to Stuff Trade Rumors

Mark Ingram says he doesn't want to be traded, and he's not worried about what other people think. The Saints running back addressed speculation that he was looking for a way out of New Orleans after a start to the 2013 season that once again did not seem to make good on his Heisman Trophy bonafides.

Sampling Sucre's King Cake with Mark Ingram and Patrick Peterson

Sucre offers king cake on another level. The Magazine Street bakeshop is not of the nostalgic Friday snack/Randazzo's mold. Rather, their confection strives for a gourmet perfection. Sucre's princes of pastry offer a cake that is as much a work of art as it is a simple sweet. From past tastings, NoDef already knew the cake was tasty. So, to see how it would fly with people who don't spend their entire January and February eating the stuff, we invited a couple of uninitiated guest tasters: Patrick Peterson and Saints running back, Mark Ingram.

BCS Bites

LSU-Bama Alums Patrick Peterson and Mark Ingram Offer Championship Picks, Eat King Cake to Tide Themselves Over

MARDI GRAS WORLD - On the eve of the BCS Championship, NOLA Defender caught up with Patrick Peterson and Mark Ingram, as the footballers were hosting a BCS addition to the Carnival social calendar: The Crystal Ball. The athletes offered up some predictions for the game, talked about Mardi Gras, sampled some king cake, and answered the question, “Where do you store a Heisman?”

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