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Defender Picks


NOLA Lore: The Makings of American Voodoo

Each week, J.A. Lloyd will take readers through the secret and unexamined legends, myths, and folklore of New Orleans past. This week, learn about the origins of Voodoo in America.

Nyx Picks Dixie

The Mystic Krewe of Nyx will be rolling one week from today. With the final countdown ticking, the all-female krewe announced more details of their February 11 ride down The Avenue. Grand Marshals were revealed, ceremonies scheduled, and crossovers announced.

Yeah, You Rite

Scenes from a Voodoo Ceremony on St. John's Eve

Over the years, New Orleans' strain of voodoo has been commodified to fit the needs of French Quarter shopkeepers, horror movie filmmakers and even Arena Football League owners. As a result, the true religion is mostly underground, on all but one night a year.

Run on Gris Gris Reported in the Run-Up to St. John's Eve Bayou Voodoo Rite

The shadow of Our Lady of the Rosary Church looms large over Bayou St. John, but the historical currents that run through the Mid-City waterway aren't strictly Catholic. Before she reigned in spirit, Voodoo priestess Marie Laveau held rituals on the Bayou for the solstice-aligned St. John's Eve, one of the primary rites of the actual creole religion (not to be confused with the French Quarter shops that seem to worship the pedaling of bric-a-brac to tourists). These days, a new queen is chosen each year as voodoo's top spot in flux, but the rare communal ceremony lives on. This year's celebration is set for Thursday, June 23, at 7 p.m. on the Magnolia footbridge, located off Moss St. behind Cabrini High School.

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