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Defender Picks


Today in NOLA: 2.12.15

Babylon, Chaos, Muses. Those three words roll off the tongue as if they were always meant to be together. They roll Uptown along the regular route, with Muses to begin at Jefferson and Magazine. Republic hosts a Mardi Gras Bounce show featuring Big Freedia smack dab in the middle of Carnival season. Led Zeppelin 2 pays homage to the historic rock band at the House of Blues. Singer Kina Grannis is at One Eyed Jacks, and dub heavy electronic master Kastle performs at the Hi Ho.

In the Service of King: Galatoire's Maja Arland

Maja Arland, server extraordinaire at Galatoire’s talks about how the 115 year old establishment does Mardi Gras. Though the historic New Orleans restaurant shutters for the actual holiday, the famed Friday lunch preceding Fat Tuesday is holiday unto itself for many locals. Here’s an inside glimpse into ongoings at Galatoire’s during Carnival and tips for newcomers dealing with all the rage in the service world.

Steady Stream

A Listing of the Uptown Mardi Gras Parade Route's Bathrooms

Benny Grunch famously crooned, “Ain’t no place to pee on Mardi Gras Day.” However, there are actually hundreds of places to go along the parade route. Options span from the 250 free port-a-potties set up by the City to bars selling wristbands. NoDef compiled a list of options for relief flanking the Uptown route.

Nyx Preview (Photos)

Tonight, the all-female Mystic Krewe of Nyx rolls. Here at NoDef HQ, we are the impatient type. So, the editors dispatched photographer Ashley Rouen to check out the staging area and snap some photos of the floats in waiting. Click on through for a sneak peak at tonight's Carnival offerings.

Today in NOLA: 2.11.15

After a mere two day break, the parades are back in action. Tonight, Druids rolls Uptown starting at 6:30p.m., with the women of Nyx following directly after. Select members of Animal Collective host a DJ set at One Eyed Jacks. Lotus is at House of Blues. A songwriting challenge that calls upon the help of a live audience to write one hit song will take over Spirit's on Bourbon tonight. Jefferson Parish was officially established by the Louisiana Legislature on this date in 1825. Now, more wordage on the haps this evening. 

In the Service of the King: Bartender Michael Norris at Grand Pre Talks Preparations

by Ashley Rouen

The world's most decadent party would amount to nothing without the service industry professionals guarding the drinking halls and restaurants lining local city streets. Some servers and bartenders have been doing it for years. Others are just getting started. As part of a running series, NoDef has been asking the people that punch the clock on Fat Tuesday five questions about their experiences. Today, we talk with Grand Pre bartender Michael Norris, who will take on the Carnival crowd for the first time this year. 


Drinking Culture

Escaping Carnival at Mick's Irish Pub

Gentle reader, minor collapses are to be expected. Nay! Welcomed.  Kindly catastrophes of body and spirit burst forth like dryads from the oaks, slinging tiny fistfuls of poppy dust. And we are saved from ourselves. For the way to Mardi Gras is long, and along that way, we sometimes must rest.  My full intention was to write from some famous watering hole along the Uptown parade route, dear friends. But beset by the hepatic rigors of the past few weeks, strategic retreat was my only option. I needed somewhere out-of-the-way. Somewhere I could have a quiet drink and a few friendly bar games to salve my Carnival anxiety. And so it was that I made my way after a small ordeal into Mick’s Irish Pub on Bienville.      

In the Service of the King: WWL's Ian Kramar Talks About Working Mardi Gras

Sure, Mardi Gras is the world's best party, but some people need to work through the festivities. As part of a running series, NoDef has been asking the people that punch the clock on Fat Tuesday five questions about their experiences. Today, we talk with television news producer Ian Kramar.

Bark Wars (Barkus Photos)

Bark Nice or Leave

The dogs of Barkus, the parade designed for our canine pals, walked 15 blocks through the French Quarter on Sunday (2.8.) Favorite costumes included a bulldog dressed as Mr. Okra, the Snoball Dachshund and the pups of Dog Dynasty. The theme this year, "BARK WARS: The Return of the K9," spawned many Star Wars inspired outfits featuring doggie Yodas, Princess Leias, and Obie Dog Kanobis to help awaken the Carnival force of the only puppy parade. 


Greek Antics (Sparta, Pygmalion Photos)

By Ashley Rouen

Sparta and Pygmalion took control of the Uptown corridor Saturday night. Parade goers packed St. Charles Avenue as the night's krewes rolled beneath looming oaks already dripping with purple, green and gold beads. Space-themed Mardi Gras organization, Krewe de Lune made a special appearance in Pygmalian. Their dance troupe, The Star-Steppin' Cosmonaughties, marched with hoola hoops and LED lit covered wagons, adding a special flair to the traditional festivites. 

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