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Defender Picks


King Cakes Link Cochon and La Boulangerie

The Link Restaurant Group does one hell of a job nailing the essence of Louisiana food. As if their stellar command of pork and seafood were not enough, the LRG also built a solid reputation for their king cakes over the past five years. Today, the company revealed Cochon Butcher’s (930 Tchoupitoulas Street) lineup of carnival pastries for Mardi Gras 2016 as well as the offerings at the newly acquired La Boulangerie (4600 Magazine Street).

Emeril's Carnival Cocktails (Recipes)

What is Carnival without a cocktail… or three? In honor of the season, the folks at Emeril’s New Orleans restaurants are rolling out some Mardi Gras specials on their list of libations. If you’re too busy with glue gunning your costume to make it out for a drink, you can still enjoy one at home. Recipes follow.

Tis' The Season

2016 Carnival Parade Schedule

In most years, the day after of the Epiphany is a little early to worry about parade schedules, but Mardi Gras comes early in 2015. So, the floats will be rolling in a couple of weeks. Even with a fairly fixed schedule, the dozens of options (combined with the seasonal libations) can make it all a little confusing. So, NoDef offers our annaul guide to the Carnival parades.

Rex Issues Carnival Invitation

Carnival is a time of revelry--often a hazy time of revelry. However, Mardi Gras season is a party deeply steeped in rich traditions. And, naturally, the king of it all is the King of Mardi Gras, Rex. On the Epiphany, Rex issued his annual invitation, officially declaring the start of the season.

Somebody'll Show You the Zulu King

In much of the nation, Thanksgiving means that it is time to look ahead to Christmas. However, in New Orleans, Thanksgiving means that is time to look ahead to Mardi Gras. (Especially this year with an early, February 9th date). Zulu took advantage of the holiday week to announce details of their Coronation Ball and even roll out a television spot.

Nyx Moves the Sticks

Carnival season boasts its own lexicon with terms like “bead pigeon” and “deja krewe.” Perhaps the most popular (and ambiguous) phrase of this specialized rhetoric is the “super-krewe” designation. After breaking the 2K mark on membership, the Mystic Krewe of Nyxis offering some clarification and declaring themselves elevated to super-krewe status.

All Hail!

Endymion Reveal Means Carnival is Close

Mardi Gras 2016 will fall on February 9th. That means a high chance of cold weather and not-as-skimpy-as-normal costumes. It also means that preparations begin early. By early, we mean today. Mid-City favorites, the Krewe of Endymion just announced details for their 2016 roll and Extravaganza.

Drinking Culture

All On A Mardi Gras Day

Gentle reader, I write to you from Wednesday with a sore jaw and the taste of ashes in my mouth.  The first dawning after our great festival ever warms a melancholy day.  For never within the year’s reach are we further from another Mardi Gras Day. My friends, we idle for a day together upon the collective couch, amidst the world’s greatest hangover. But be not dismayed: yesterday I was a wizard, and you a king, and you a unicorn, and that other guy was a dung beetle pushing a shopping cart enveloped in a huge piece of papier-mâché feces down Gov. Nicholls.  Yesterday our imaginings rained down like water upon the dry earth of our reality, new-storing those ideas of what it means to live in New Orleans.

Répéter Gras

Photo Recap of Carnival

Just like every year, the city of New Orleans survived another Mardi Gras. While today some might be thanking the heavens that the hectic two plus weeks of indulgent masquerades, parades, balls and parties are over, there's still time to reminisce. Below we've compiled a thread of our favorite moments captured this season. 

Ordinary Magic (Photos from Proteus and Orpheus)

by Ashley Rouen

While Proteus and Orpheus began rolling early on Lundi Gras, only Proteus beat the rain. Temperatures dropped as the weather worsened, but that did not prevent loyal New Orleanians from whipping out their umbrellas and sticking it out for Orpheus, the last of the Mardi Gras 2015 night parades. 

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