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Defender Picks


Ball Busters!

by Christilisa Gilmore

Last night's Twelfth Night hangover might still be wearing off, but it's Carnival time, so get ready to do it all over again. The Krewe of Orpheus is having the inaugural first-full-day-of-Carnival (who needs a good reason?) party tomorrow night at Generations Hall. The party includes an open bar and food from local restaurants. Vince Vance and The Valiants will provide the entertainment along with an exclusive auction from the man behind the blue dog, George Rodrigue. Tickets are only available online at the Orpheus site.

Rapscallions' Ride

Streetcar Krewe Welcomes Carnival Season

While the rest of the country is settling into post-holiday blues and winter hibernation, we're gearing up for the main event.

Let the Wookie Win

As The Season (I thought there was only Hot or Cold?) gets underway, it's time for locals to start showing who they know and how long they've lived here by getting Carnival krewes back together. For the Mardi Gras marcher looking for less Southern gentry and more, well, geeky, there's the Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus.  The Krewe rolls with the Box of Wine parade after the early Uptown parades on Bacchus Sunday, and dues are only $42. Tonight, the Krewe is holding a member sign-up social at its spiritual home, the Big Top Gallery. It's free...and sci-fi themed! (VIA)

Mardi Gras World Back on its Axis

It took three superkrewes, but father and son Blaine and Barry Kern have apparently patched up their differences in a mere four days. Before the obligatory male bonding excursion to hunt squirrels, the founder and heir-apparent of floatmaking empire Blaine Kern Enterprises did what all fathers and sons do to make up: They held a press conference to announce the son's decision to terminate a lawsuit that was filed to oust his father from the family business. The younger Kern will get to retain his seat as president of the company, and he'll presumably have to save his resentment of his 83-year-old father's 34-year-old wife for the couch. Best of all, Mardi Gras isn't ruined, and a Krewe du Vieux subkrewe hard up for ideas just struck gold!

As Mardi Gras World Turns

Gold diggers have a long history of coming between fathers and sons. But messing with Carnival magic is taking things a step too far! Blaine Kern Studios, the superkrewe go-to float factory, has apparently been torn asunder by the 34-year-old fourth wife of the company's namesake magnate. Barry Kern, son of Blaine and his onetime go-ahead successor atop Mardi Gras Mountain, filed a lawsuit yesterday trying to wrest control of the company from his father. The lawsuit accuses Holly Brown of riding the 83-year-old elder Kern's doubloons to a decadent lifestyle that resulted in a pile of debt the size of an Endymion float. It seems that after all these years, Blaine Kern remains susceptible to the sweet siren song of, "Throw me something, Mister!"

Plot Predictions and Mardi Gras Past & Present

Deconstructing Treme


This week, NoDef, sat down with the regulars to discuss where they though the show was heading. Afterwards, we spoke with regular contributor Paul McRambles about Mardi Gras past and present.

Mard... eBay

    Even Yats who opt to forgo the parades for a grillout or a staycation in front of the television can not hep but finding themselves in posession of those iconic plastic beads. So, as the excitement of Carnival subsides, we are left wondering what the hell to do with these things. 

    The easiest answer is the garbage. The truly unmotivated will let them sit about tangled and forlorn on the floor for months. Conversely, the truly motivated will take their loot to the Salvation Army. However, somewhere between lies the purgatory that is ebay. The online retailer lists thousands of Mardi Gras lots; almost 500 for doubloons alone. 

    We took a look at the market.

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