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Defender Picks


Mardi Gras Indians Down on Public Domain

Mardi Gras Indians are hallowed for their mysterious governing systems and vigilance in weaving their glorious suits. But, lately, they've met a code that's even more mystifying and arcane - U.S. copyright law. In an effort to reap some of the profits from the multitude of photographs and books about them, the AP reports Indians have been copyrighting their suits as works of art. Early rumblings indicate they haven't taken to depositions, and would still prefer to settle things via chant and the burning of flags and tails.

Endymion Celebs Are People Too!

Since the perennial Mid-City occupying forces known as the Krewe of Endymion call themselves a superkrewe, there's a lot of pressure to get a pretty huge celebrity grand marshall. Or, they could just get four grand marshalls that cancel each other's spotlight and leave the masses impressed with how many celebrities Endymion knows. Still it's fair to say that this year's freshly announced slate of Endymion limelights will be find just as much help in their participation in Mardi Gras as we will find by begging them to hit us in the face with beads.

KreweDelusion: 'Saving the Universe Costs Some Billz'

Carnival's fun and all, but don't delude yourself into thinking it's all for free! Even krewes that hop onto other krewes' parades need money to pull off their big show. Tonight, the nascent Krewe du Vieux caboose, KreweDelusion, hosts a fundraiser at One Eyed Jack's. A krewe that wants a new world order has to knock down the current one, so there will be a screening of the "The Big Uneasy" (so much for 'Le Bon Temps Rouler'), an "international" Q&A with the bon vivant and KreweDelusion overlord who directed the film, Harry Shearer, and music by Tom McDermott, Meschiya Lake and DJ Butterfoot. Things kick off at 7 p.m., and you can have it all again fo' free when KreweDelusion marches Feb. 19.

610 Stompers Pressing the Shorts, Fluffing the Jackets

With their smashing introduction to the world last year, the 610 Stompers sought to stake out turf as the nuttiest dads in the land. In their second year, the ambitious, all-male dance troupe seems poised to start conquering other positions in the nuclear family. Tomorrow, the marching group hosts their "Sweet 610 Debutante Ball" to officially come out for Carnival season. The ball, which will go down at 8 p.m. at the UNO Human Performance Center, seems to prove that the group's goofball status is very well-planned. They've lined up sponsors from Gallatoire's to Rouse's. As ever, prom or 80s attire is encouraged.

Wit Parade: Krewe du Vieux Unveils Theme

Typically, we at NoDef would not be jumping at the chance to write about another publication that captures the spirit of New Orleans by providing valuable information, and a bit of whimsy. But, during Carnival, we can make exceptions. Lovers of satire and smut across the city were delighted at the appearance on local newsstands of "Le Monde de Merde," a publication that is not expected to survive February sober. The paper has been linked with the original band of outlandish Marigny marauders, also known as Krewe du Vieux, who kick off the annual parade season with a trot through the French Quarter.

Cocoa King Cake Decadance

Nestled dead center between Canal St. and Esplanade Ave. on the N. Rampart St. Quarter border, The Decadence Shoppe Café has been providing breakfast, lunch, and treats for almost two years. Owners Matt Cummings and Kevin Fruits founded the business on the cornerstone of freshness. Everything is made in house, everything is made fresh, and anything not sold within a designated time allotment doesn’t get served. Quality over quantity is what rules, despite the name’s wanton undertones. When festival season rolls around, so do orders of beads, coins, and babies, all in preparation for the King Cake kitchen takeover.

Gambino's: Still King?

by Marguerite Lucas 

METAIRIE - A New Orleans staple for 49 years, Gambino’s, of Metairie, proudly proclaims to be “King of King Cakes,” pointing to their experience, fresh ingredients, and made-from-scratch recipes to support the worthiness of this grand title.  Walking into Gambino’s on a gray day, the cheerful and bright décor along with the sight of cupcakes, cakes, bars, and cookies lining the glass cabinet, makes the dismal weather outside seem a world away. 

Steppin' Out

Pussyfooters Marching Krewe Holds Annual Ball Saturday

Amid floats and marching bands, the site of the Pussyfooters marching group might spur Carnival paradegoers to wonder about their function in the grand spectacle. 

A Hitch (Just) in Time: Tow Trucks, Parade Floats To Battle for Street Space During Mardi Gras

Carnival marks a busy season for krewes, as they build floats in backrooms, and throw boisterous balls. But all that energy thrown toward being carefree and debaucherous offers the city a nice chance to close its budget gap. In addition to bringing on more tow trucks just in time for the big weekend, the city is considering upping the price to release a car from the impound lot. Blocking a driveway or parking on a parade route previously cost $125, but city parking provacateurs could ring up a $156 bill if city Transportation Director Robert Mendoza has his way, WWL-TV reports. And that's before the massive ajudication charge!

A Tremor in the Course

Krewe of Chewbacchus To Make Inagural Trench Run

WAREHOUSE DISTRICT - One night last week, the Big Top Gallery seemed more like Mos Eisley Cantina on Tatooine.

In the corner sat “Bar2D2” surrounded by phaser-toting aliens in crisp white suits, Trekkies in blood red uniforms and slick black boots, and a man toting Yoda like Luke in the swamps of Dagobah.

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