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Defender Picks


McRambles in Da Mardi Gras

Marigny Musings

     Every native New Orleanian will readily regale perfect strangers (I know, an overused trite phrase – has there ever been an imperfect stranger?) with exotic tales of Mardi Gras from yore

Muu Muu Platter

Before the dynastic debauchery that is Krewe du Vieux takes it to the streets tonight, the upstart KreweDelusion will make its sophomore march out front. With a DIY streak and penchant for the irreverent, the nascent krewe looks to pave a new path through Mardi Gras. Hmm...If it ain't broke...In any case, the subDelusion Krewe de MuuMuu is reportedly finished with their debut set of homemade throws. Thanks to the wonders of Facebook, they're available for all to see right here.

Carrying the Torch

Flambeau Barers Shed Light on Early Mardi Gras Traditions

Between the colorful floats and raucous marching bands, a humbler – yet no less staid – Mardi Gras tradition slips between the cracks in the marching order. Keepers of the light are known to lead the way for those lost in the dark and that is a perfect way to describe a flambeau carrier.

Bacchus From the Foxhole

With the Mardi Gras superkrewe parades a family affair, there's usually some pretty safe theme choices. In the past, the mega parade has gone with "Through the Eyes of a Child," and the classic from 1979, "The Undersea World of Bac-Chu-Steau." But, this year, there might be room for a few more battle scenes, as the krewe announced today the parade will have a World War II theme. Might seem unlikely, but this could be the theme to please everyone.

Pols Loosen the Belt(way) at Washington Mardi Gras

With Edwin Edwards' annual backroom poker game a thing of the past and David Vitter seemingly incapable of doing anything embarrassing enough to get voted out of office, the penny pinchers in the NoDef front offices did not see fit to send a correspondent to this year's Washington Mardi Gras. But, we do have the Internet to sort of give us an idea of what's happening up at the annual inside-the-beltway Carnival gathering of Louisiana politicos, their good friends and most beloved lobbyists.  Some bits and pieces are after the jump. They're not the politicians' bits and pieces, we promise!

Authorities Mull Petty Charges to Pin Krewe du Vieux Brass

The French Quarter was beset by a band of old-fashioned mobsters last night. Notable for their trench coats and rude behavior, the group was seen exchanging envelopes throughout the night. We've confirmed this morning that Marc Morial's administration wasn't holding a reunion, so the TV news must be right. Yes, Krewe du Vieux was staging a "shakedown" of businesses in the Vieux Carre to raise money for the New Orleans Musicians Clinic.

Location Vocation

Parade Route Vendors Have Their Own Carnival Ritual

Like families with matching T-shirts, ladders and an army of coolers, parade route food sellers spend the days before the Carnival parades clamoring for prime spots. But instead of staking out turf three days in advance, the vendors partake in an annual rite that inolves more luck than elbowing.

Year of BP Bashing Ends with British-Themed Rex Parade

What with Tony Hayward wanting his life back and the $5 million in mid-Big-Oozy references to the Battle of New Orleans, it's been a rough year for British-New Orleanian relations. So, the patricians that control these things appear to have decided that it's going to take more than Jon Cleary and an afternoon tea to thaw relations. The big boys are getting the call, in the form of the self-appointed keepers of the Mardi Gras flame, the Rex Organization. The tradtional Fat Tuesday culmination that is the Rex parade will have an all-British theme this year.


Camel Toe Lady Steppers Keep the Frontal Wedgie in Style

Imagine walking down the street, turning a corner, and coming face to face with a band of women clad in bright colors, sequins, and wigs. They're dancing in the street and singing “HEY! HO! WE GOT CAMEL TOE!”

Master-ing the King Cake on Maple St.

by Shay Sokol

"Look at that," the baker says as he pinches the King Cake, still steaming from the oven. There are only a few Master Pastry Chefs and another handful of Master Bakers in this country. Even fewer people are both. All rolled up in one, meet Ziggy Cichowski, Poland's gift to New Orleans. Happily slaving away in the open kitchen in the nine-month-old Maple St. Patisserie, he makes small batches of crossaints, cookies, danishes and loads of other baked goods. The quick turnover allows him to churn out one fresh batch after another. During Carnival, he's added King Cakes to the slate.

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