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Defender Picks


One Man's Mardi Gras

After the BoldFace Names... the Heart of Carnival


Sometimes we forget that the screaming throng of revelers at the Bacchus and Endymion parades, shouting for beads and pounding Bud Lights, is actually comprised of individuals, many local. NOLA Defender caught up with one Man-on-the-Street after Sunday's parade of parades. Greg Shamitko, who came away from Endymion with a plethora of prized throws, took some time today to discuss Mardi Gras and his life.

All on a Mardi Gras Day

The skies might be a little cloudy, but we know about rain in these parts. we also know Mardi Gras, and right now, libidos be slammed, it's all full speed ahead! Zulu is rolling, and Rex is a greenlight. More important to us, our favorite walking krewes are getting set to go. St. Ann's is in motion and the Full Grown Man Society will still roll at Noon.

Red Beans Comin!

Lundi Gras Parade Shows a Little Leg-umes

For most of New Orleans, tomorrow is the big day of as Carnival culminates with the giant Fat Tuesday celebration. But for Devin Meyers and the 60 members of the Red Beans and Rice parade, today's 2 p.m. step-off will be the big bash.

DIVAS Promenade 2011: in PHOTOS

Not many Mardi Gras balls occur on a Friday at 10 a.m., but the Divine Protectors of Endangered Pleasures returned to Arnaud’s for the 10th consecutive Carnival season to do just that. The DIVAS krewe are known for their lavishly bedazzled bustiers, something they must hand-craft or obtain before induction into membership. It is now tradition for this all-female krewe to dine at Arnaud's (now upstairs, as the size of the group has doubled), and watch and be watched from Bourbon balcony real estate.

Sunday Schedule Changes

Word has just hit NoDef HQ that Box of Wine will be rolling early tomorrow. Their start time has been bumped to 2:00. The move is intended to help Endymion out; so, we expect Chewbacchus to announce a time change shortly as well. No word yet on whether Bacchus itself will roll earlier. We'll be busy buying a second cooler to power ourselves through this accidental blockbuster of a day.

Tornado Time?

Mardi Gras is supposed to be a whirlwind of excitement, but not literally! Today, the National Weather Service issued a Tornado Watch for Orleans Parish. The advisory will remain in effect until 4 PM and is not as bad the Tornado Warning issued for Livingston Parish. Needless to say, there will be no more parading today. In the event, of a twistah, head to your basement. (Basement, huh?) Or head into the Quarter where Ruby Slippers will be in high supply.

King Cake Quest

A Season of Carnival Pastry Reviews Compiled

Once upon a Twelfth Night, there was a tweet heard round the world announcing the arrival of mini King Cakes from the classic NOLA bakery Hubig's. Here at NoDef, the mini fever touched off a feeding frenzy that could only be stopped by a sugar overload not seen since the trade embargo against Cuba.

Endymion To Follow Bacchus

The threat of thunderstorms has juggled the superkrewe order this year. Mid-City's big (and only) Mardi Gras show, the Krewe of Endymion, will now roll Uptown after Bacchus on Sunday night. The krewe's captain said in a statement the parade will be smaller, but will still include celebrity riders. Meanwhile, this morning's techy edition of Tucks will move from noon to 10 a.m. because of weather. NOMTOC, today's big parade on the West Bank, is moving to 9:45 a.m.

Top of the Mountain

An Interview With King Zulu 2011

With his coronation looming, longtime Zulu member Tony Barker talks about his committment to his club, and the ins and outs of ascending to the throne.

Muses, Chaos '11 in Photos

UPTOWN - New Orleans was nestled, clutching coffee mugs at their desks, as visions of Muses danced through their heads. Last night, the Krewe of Muses taught us how to do the Vitterbug, and the Can-Can't. With the Knights of Chaos, we dined with Oysters Mosque and got Glazed and Confused all over again. NoDef Photographer Kat Arnold was there to capture the mayhem. Photos after the jump.

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