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Tis' The Season

2016 Carnival Parade Schedule

In most years, the day after of the Epiphany is a little early to worry about parade schedules, but Mardi Gras comes early in 2015. So, the floats will be rolling in a couple of weeks. Even with a fairly fixed schedule, the dozens of options (combined with the seasonal libations) can make it all a little confusing. So, NoDef offers our annaul guide to the Carnival parades.

Muses Off the Rack

Female Krewe Flaunts Fashion for 2014 Parade

In the past couple of years, New Orleans has made a name for itself in the fashion world from hosting a fashion week, having the famed shoe designer, Christian Louboutin signing shoes at Saks, to being named one of the top destinations for shopping in the country.  But Carnival presents a giant runway all its own, and the 1,100 woman-strong Krewe of Muses are set to wear them out. This year, the Muses are Off the Rack and ready to thrill.

Mardi Gras 2013 Parade Schedule

The Super Bowl and an early Mardi Gras are pushing Carnival parades up earlier than ever before in 2013. But New Orleans is no less ready for the extended period of partying and, of course, parades. Here's the 2013 schedule for Carnival marches in Orleans Parish, all leading up to the explosion of excess on Mardi Gras Day:

Le Krewe d'Etat's Satirical Songbook

Le Krewe d'Etat rolled for the 16th time last night with deceptively simple theme, "Tells it Like It Is." While it might seem obvious that a satirical krewe would speak truth the Carnival faithful lining the Uptown parade route were delighted to find that there was another layer to this slow-moving onion.

Chaos Reigns: 2 Shot on Mardi Gras Parade Route

Once again, Mardi Gras was unfortunately not a reason to stop the violence. As the Knights of Chaos were rolling on St. Charles just before 8 p.m., two men were shot near the corner of Carnival's prime thoroughfare and Erato St., New Orleans police said. The two men, ages 17 and 19, were shot near the corner of Erato St. Injuries were described as minor and non-life-threatening. According to a press release, police stationed near the parade route heard gunshots, and saw a 16-year-old man book it from the scene. 

Masters of Crowd Control

Occupying the Parade Route: An Op-Ed

With the hour of superkrewes approaching, Guest Writer Jeff Bostick of Library Chronicles digs into the City's laws about Mardi Gras parade route encampments, and pinpoints the parties who are truly responsible for upholding them.

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