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Defender Picks


NoDef's Ultimate King Cake Guide

The Gooey Details on 23 Carnival Confections

When ordering a King Cake, Crescent City sweet seekers can no longer uniformly expect the standard braided cinammon twist with more or less the same flavor profile. King Cakes have become a creative canvass for adventurous bakers across New Orleans. Allow NoDef to help you choose which will satisfy your palette. We combined three years of King Cake coverage for one ultimate guide. After reading these diverse offerings, you may even want the baby:

Feast & Yeast

Maple Street Patisserie Opens Earhart Bistro

On Wednesday, May 28, Maple Street Patisserie will opening the champagne to celebrate the launch of their newest venture, Maple Street Patisserie et Bistro on Earhart. Like their original Maple St. location, the new venture with emphasize house-made. They will bake all the bread, smoke the meat, and make the breakfast sausage, ketchup, mayos and pickles. “We are really excited about the food and really excited to share it with all of New Orleans,” says Patricia-Ann Donohue, a chef and the founder of the bistro.

King Cake Quest: The Results

Cake Café Conquers Carnival Confections

After several years of sending writers out to sample the Crescent City's many takes on King Cake, NoDef opted this year to let the people weigh in. On Jan. 24, hundreds of guests piled into the Ogden Museum of Southern Art's weekly After Hours event to help us choose the most outstanding oval in NoDef's first public King Cake Quest.

The Master and Gelateria

King Cakes From Maple Street Patisserie, La Divina Reviewed

We've seen King Cakes pass the test of uninitated pro football players and sneering comedians. But, for our latest batch, it was time to bring the baked goods onto the kind of terrain where debate is spirited, scorching, and often endless: a corner bar.

Master-ing the King Cake on Maple St.

by Shay Sokol

"Look at that," the baker says as he pinches the King Cake, still steaming from the oven. There are only a few Master Pastry Chefs and another handful of Master Bakers in this country. Even fewer people are both. All rolled up in one, meet Ziggy Cichowski, Poland's gift to New Orleans. Happily slaving away in the open kitchen in the nine-month-old Maple St. Patisserie, he makes small batches of crossaints, cookies, danishes and loads of other baked goods. The quick turnover allows him to churn out one fresh batch after another. During Carnival, he's added King Cakes to the slate.

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