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Defender Picks


Kickin' It

Where to Watch World Cup 2014 in New Orleans

Various insect species are still mating and the Saints haven't even signed Jimmy Graham yet, but it's already football season once again in New Orleans. The World Cup begins Thursday, June 12. The round robin format and relative size of the competitors may still be confusing to the pigskin-obsessed, but New Orleanians should have no trouble latching onto a tournament that inspires communal watching and day-drinking. With that in mind, NoDef rounds up some of the local spots to watch along with the rest of the world.

Reveillon Review

Menus and More on Where to Celebrate New Orleans' Holiday Fine Dining Tradition

New Orleans' rich tradition of rich foods pops up during the holiday season, with annual Reveillon celebrations in homes and restaurants throughout the city. NoDef runs down the list of prix-fixe (price-fixed) offerings for the Euro-centric Christmas Eve tradition. 

Oscars Viewing Parties

Red Cross fundraiser at Canal Place, More Places to Watch

Rather than "what are you wearing?", the question of the night in New Orleans is "where are you watching?" Canal Place, Mannings, the Rusty Nail, and Buffa's are all great places to cheer on your favorite celebrities for the Oscars. 

Super Bowl XLVII Hype Begins in New Orleans

by Mary-Devon Dupuy

CBD -- As you’ve probably noticed from all the smooth streets and road closures, Super Bowl XLVII is just around the corner. The city’s restaurants and hotels are already preparing for the massive influx of tourists, and the city’s Super Bowl Committee is already at work for New Orleans' 10th Super Bowl. As they know all too well, there's no hype like Super Bowl hype. Today, everyone from Archie Manning to Saints President Dennis Lauscha spoke at a luncheon designed to reminisce Big Easy Super Bowl Games' passed and tout the committee’s new additions that include larger than life roman numerals, greener practices, and civic responsibility. 

Find Out the Hornets' Lottery Fate at Manning's Watch Party

Mr. Lottery Ball is finally ready to go for a spin in that weird looking tank. The New Orleans Hornets are set to find out what pick they'll get to make in the upcoming NBA Draft. With the departure of CP3, the hive is in need of a new all-star caliber worker, and a top-5 draft pick would go a long way toward insuring that someone of that stature is in. Indeed, superfans have informed NoDef that tonight could be one of the most important nights in franchise history. And even though the Hornets just had what could be the most important day of its history last month, we believe them!

Archie Manning's Restaurant Opens in CBD

If you're a former Saints quarterback, how do you end the worst football week in Louisiana history? Well, apparently you either go to a postgame press conference and yell at the coach, or open a restaurant where patrons will be encourage to cheer, and free to yell at the coach. The latter example comes in the form of Manning's, a new venture Saints legend Archie Manning opened with Harrah's Casino. Located at 519 Fulton St., the restaurant boasts 30 flat screen TVs - including a 13 ft. by 7.5 ft. "mega screen," a sports anchor desk and memorabilia. There's food, too.

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