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Jindal Needs More Votes for LASERS, Says La. Supreme Court

When it comes to his new scheme for LASERS, Bobby Jindal needs more legislators on board, according to the Louisiana Supreme Court. The high court ruled Friday that a 2012 bill backed by the Louisiana governor that sought to implement new retirement accounts for the Louisiana State Employees’ Retirement System (LASERS) didn't pass with enough votes. 

La. Supreme Court Vacates Ruling Against Jindal Ed Reform

Updated 5:25 p.m.

The Louisiana Supreme Court dealt Bobby Jindal's education reform a blow on funding earlier this month, but they weren't ready to do the same on teacher tenure. On Friday, the Court vacated a previous ruling by a District Court that struck down the state's 2012 rewrite of teacher tenure laws. The Supreme Court sent the case back to the District Court for further proceeding, according to the ruling.

Jindal Voucher Program Struck Down By LA Supreme Court

Bobby Jindal's voucher-based education policy felt the heat of the state's judges Tuesday, as the Louisiana Supreme Court declared it a violation of the state Constitution to give public money to private and parochial schools. By a vote of 6-1, the Court opted to agree with a District Court judge who also ruled against Jindal's 2012 rewrite of Act 2, which creates a system that allows public school students to leave for private schools without losing state funding.

Bernette Johnson Becomes First African-American Chief Justice of Louisiana Supreme Court

The highest court in Louisiana has a new Big Chief. Justice Bernette Johnson was sworn in today as Chief Justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court on the steps of the courthouse in the French Quarter. After taking the oath of office, which was administered by her daughter, the New Orleans native officially became the first African American to lead the court.

Bernette Johnson to Become Next Chief Justice, La. Supreme Court Rules

After the courts cleared the way, the Louisiana Supreme Court made it official today. Bernette Johnson will be the next Chief Justice of the highest court in the state, and the first African-American to hold the position. The Court issued a decision today announcing that the New Orleans-based judge is the most senior on the Supreme Court. She takes office when Justice Kitty Kimball retires in February.

Jindal Challenges Ruling in Bernette Johnson Case

Bobby Jindal isn't going to let a ruling that will allow Bernette Johnson to become the first African-American Chief Justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court stand without a challenge. On Friday, the governor filed an appeal of last week's federal court ruling that said Johnson was the most senior member of the court. As a result, Judge Susie Morgan decided she had the right to become the court's head judge when Justice Kitty Kimball retires early next year. That flew in the face of a claim by Judge Jeffrey Victory that said Johnson didn't have seniority because she was appointed- rather than elected - to her Supreme Court in 1994.

Ruling Clears the Way for First La. African-American Chief Justice

Late on Friday, Justice Bernette Johnson received legal clearance to become the next Chief Justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court. The New Orleans-based judge would also become the first African-American chief justice in Louisiana. Johnson was locked in a dispute over seniority with retiring chief justice Kitty Kimball and North Louisiana justice Jeffrey Victory that appeared to take on racial implications as it harkened back to a key Voting Rights Act ruling. On Friday, federal judge Susie Morgan issued a 50-page ruling in the case that found Johnson was the more senior justice.

Justice Goes to Court: Bernette Johnson Sues to Become Next Head of La. Supreme Court

by Mary-Devon Dupuy

A controversial case with  that could produce a landmark ruling is brewing at the Louisiana Supreme Court. But instead of refereeing from the bench, it's the justices themselves who are arguing out the merits. This week, Justice Bernette Johnson sued the Court for the right to become the Chief Justice of the Court upon the Feb., 2013, retirement of current boss Kitty Kimball. The Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights under Law and two local outfits filed the motion on behalf of the New Orleans judge, who would become the first African American Chief Justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court.

Last Orders

Despite Owner's Overtures, a Lower Mid-City Bar is No More

Going into this week, Greg Guth knew the forces of the world were lined up against the Outer Banks Bar. But the demolition of his Lower Mid-City watering hole – and the end of a protracted, but ultimately fruitless court battle over a piece of land the state wants to clear for a new hospital complex – came to pass much faster than he expected.

Courts Still Camera Shy

The traffic camera saga has confounded nearly all citizens with its legalese and ambiguous rulings. Even when the cameras were struck down, we were left asking: "is it okay to go 50 through that red light?" As of yesterday, you might be safe. The Louisiana Supreme Court shut down the city's traffic camera program, ruling the flashbulbs should be operated by NOPD robots instead of publc works department robots. Yet, once again, the spectre of the cameras looms, as the city is drawing up a new ordinance to deploy the watchful eyes in the service of plugging our ridiculously large budget hole. Attorney Ed Washington, showing no apparent sympathy, threatened to ring up everyone who's ever gotten a camera ticket, and go all class-action.

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