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Defender Picks


Louisiana Seafood Festival Announces 2014 Lineup

Seafood comes ashore this October at the three-day Louisiana Seafood Festival. Today, festival organizers announced a music lineup featuring Benjy Davis, Pat Green, and the Gin Blossoms, plus many local favorites. Nearly two dozen restaurants will contribute the finest in water-dwelling cuisine. Sea (!) the full lineup below:

The Shuck-town All Stars

Oyster Fest 2014 Explored

The New Orleans festival season rages on, and this weekend celebrates a seafood delicacy that can be cooked up more than a dozen ways. This Saturday, May 31st and Sunday, June 1, Woldenberg Park will harbor mollusk mavens for the fifth annual New Orleans Oyster Festival. NoDef got the inside scoop on this year’s celebration from Oyster Fest representative Jeffrey Ory.


Oyster Jubilee Brings 340 ft. Po-Boy to Bourbon St.

"Why, then the world's mine oyster, which I with sword will open," said William Shakespere in the Merry Wives of Windsor. This weekend, hundreds of swords will be employed on thousands of oysters in the French Quarter - and getting a taste won't require that long Acme Oyster House line that the Bard never mentioned.

Virus-Carrying Oysters Out of Terrebone Waters, State Says

Even this late in the season, it's rare that ersters make anyone sick to their stomachs. So, the state knew there must have been something wrong when more than a dozen New Orleans diners came down with viruses after eating the bivalves last month. At the time, the Department of Health and Hospitals issued a recall of the marred mollusks. But today, after less than a month, the state says all is clear back at the source of the sickness. After tests showed everything was healthy, Oyster Area 23 in Terrebone Parish was formally opened this morning, according to a release from the state Department of Health and Hospitals. Keep on shuckin', Terrebone.

Sick Stomachs Force Oyster Recall

The state is calling takebacks on some bad oysters. The state Department of Health and Hospitals closed a harvesting area Tuesday after 14 people reported getting sick at an unnamed New Orleans area restaurant, according to a news release. No one was hospitalized from the stomach viruses, which was traced to oysters from Area 23 in Terrebone Parish. The recall includes shucked, frozen, breaded, post- harvest processed and oysters for the half shell market. The state says the illnesses struck on April 28 or 29. Those who don't like parting with a post-oil Louisiana erster might want to change that 3 to an 8.

Taceaux Loceaux's BP-Sponsored Seafood Giveaway

by Brad Rhines

This free, curbside taco was brought to you by BP. As New Orleans rang in the New Year with packed hotel rooms and football fever, the excitement spread far beyond the Superdome. Blimps and billboards shined overhead, as corporate entities like Allstate, AT&T, and even the much-maligned British Petroleum were taking advantage of the crowds, and making their presence known around town. The oil company that was responsible for the Big Oozy sponsored the “Gulf Coast Seafood and Tourism 2012 Bash,” a two-week push to support local seafood and help clean up their own image.

Restaurant Week Proves We Live to Eat Seafood

Over the weekend, the New Orleans Seafood Festival provided snapshots of the N.O. dining scene's scintillating seafare. This week, though, it ain't just maritime munchies. Louisiana Seafood Restaurant Week is offering discounted, multicourse meals at many of the local luminaries who have built our supremacy with shellfish. Click through for a full list of participating restaurants.

Getting Their Sea Legs

New Orleans Seafood Festival Offers Expanded Menu

Blowing in on the back of this week's unseasonably cool weather is the fall festival season, and the new interval begins with the gem of New Orleans' food fixation: seafood. The fifth edition of the New Orleans Seafood Festival kicks off Friday, Sept. 9, in Lafayette Square, bringing the focus squarely on the sea-dwelling succulents.

Payout Politics

How Not to Spend BP's Coastal Bucks: An Op-Ed

The former coastal policy advisor to five governors and founding editor of LaCoastPost, follows up his recommendations to Bobby Jindal on how to spend BP's forthcoming coastal restoration money with a breakdown of the political intersts behind the governor's recently unveiled list of uses for the cash.

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