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Defender Picks


Rebels of Red Stick

Once upon a 2010 legislative session, state funding cuts to the LSU system were mere line items on a budget that was rife with slashing. Since then, the cuts have gotten real, and even inspired Luzyanans to the street for something other than a parade. (Okay, they wove in parades, too.) Yesterady, students, pols and the UL-Lafayette cayenne pepper dude took their gripe from the ivory tower to the tower of power. As the group peacefully protested outside the state capitol in Baton Rogue, hopes were high that the powers that be would hear their message. But Bobby Jindal was out of town. Shockingly, he was actually in the state.

Horsin' Around

There's a new crop of political thoroughbreds this week in the posts once held by corruption standouts William “Dollar Dollar Bills Y’all” Jefferson and former city tech chief Greg Meffert, but indictment rumors about Louisiana officials continue to run out of the gates. The Louisiana Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association voted Wednesday against running an internal audit of its finances despite new activity in a long-running federal investigation into the Association’s activities.

You're the Deciders 2K10

Election Night in Sign City

Last updated 1:20 AM


Election Day is upon the Bayou State. We are once again free to gaze blankly into the TV screen, unbothered by the vile repression of that haunting music and sinister voice in attack ads. Live from this really comfy couch,  we at NoDef endeavor to join in the newfound liberation. Throughout the night, we'll have live updates on all the hastily-compiled results, ungraceful losing, misguided muttering, and epic entrance soundtrack choices as they unfold.

Sordid Sitings

Marigny Musings

While walking through the SDT-cleaned phantom streets of the French Quarter/Marigny this Halloween weekend (and wondering about the intelligence of the idiot that decided it would be a great idea to sell laughing gas filled balloons on Frenchman Street), I was shocked at the ingenuity displayed by some of our locale’s leaders when it came to their choice of costumes.

Don't Have a Cao

As voters gear up to cast their ballot tomorrow, it's been easy to figure out which candidates are down in the polls. In these final days, across the noble canyons of democracy echo the sweet siren song of last-minute attack ads. The very roots of the tree of our country's civic life to be sure! Details after the jump.

True Blue

Showing that she's serious about spending a lot of money in her campaign for lieutenant gov, the novice-yet-blue-blooded Caroline Fayard has so far outspent state Secretary of State Jay Dardenne after raising a total of $1.4 million in the race - including a $440,000 loan to herself. Bet the interest will be nice! The blue support doesn't only come from her veins, as Fayard received a solid investment of about $430,000 from the state Democratic Party for advertising. Dardenne, meanwhile, has raised $1.5 million total, but still trails in spending. We're hoping he's planning to use it for a pre-election rally in the CajunDome with campaign X-factor and defeated Republican rival Sammy Kershaw.

Bobby's New Gig

Marigny Musings

I finally believe what our beloved governor, Bobby Jindal, has been constantly stating. Yep, I am now absolutely convinced that our Rhodes scholar chief executive has no intention of running for the office of President of the United States in 2012.

Mail Call!

We don't trust polls, but we do trust our mailboxes. No, not our inboxes. You know, mailboxes! The ones that snails deliver to. By the looks of the colorful sheets strewn about the stacks of catalogs and credit card offers we'll never fall for again, Anh "Joseph" Cao appears to think he's down in the race to win back his U.S. House seat. Over the weekend, he began throwing mud-filled lobs (tarballs?), like the one pictured to the right, through the mail as part of his wobbly negative campaign against Cedric Richmond. Details, and info on Richmond's own attempted jab, after the jump.

Is This Thing On?

Debate Night in the 2nd Congressional District

The stakes are high in the race to represent a large chunk of the metro area in Congress. But the candidates' voices were low Tuesday night.


Louisiana: The Duplicitous State?

Marigny Musings

I’ve lived in this state my entire life, which should afford to me a license to point out not only its finer attributes, but also those things which, as one of our finest local tunesmiths has penned, makes you crazy to live in this town.

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