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Defender Picks


Crime of 'Passion?'

Baton Rouge Billboard Battle Lands State, MoveOn.Org in Federal Court

With the state legislative session in full gear, Baton Rouge is in its annual free-for-all of horse-trading and designating. But this week, the biggest political battleground is on the side of the Red Stick highway, rather than the House that Long Built. The skirmish involves an influential national progressive organization, a pair of state GOP pols with designs on higher office and, as ever in the current political climate, Obamacare.

Green Army's First March

Lt. Gen. Russell Honoré Leads Enivro Group Aiming to Influence Legislature

Retired Lieutenant General Russell Honoré got famous after Katrina for restoring a semblance of order to the streets of New Orleans.  Mayor C. Ray Nagin called him “one John Wayne dude,” and he was branded “the Ragin’ Cajun” for his bravado.

Good Bill Hunting

Louisiana Legislature to Consider Common Core, Marijuana, Wine Ice Cream

Around noon Monday, March 10, the 2014 session of the state legislature was gaveled in. This year, legislators have three months to pass some laws, and the state budget. The governor isn't wielding an axe this year, but the menu still features plenty of fresh cuts.

Green Party Convention Comes to NOLA (Photos)

By Brandon Robert 

Local pols aren't the only ones strategizing this week. Dr. Jill Stein came to New Orleans on Friday, and the Green Party leader discussed a shift from the two-party system. Stein, the 2012 presidential nominee, spoke before a packed room at the Healing Center for the Green Party of Louisiana’s 2014 statewide convention.

Vitter to Run for Governor

After taking the holidays to think it over, U.S. Senator David Vitter announced Tuesday that he will to run for governor of Louisiana in 2015. With Bobby Jindal set to time out due to term limits, the Metairie-based Republican throws his hat into the ring of an open race.

LA Politico Edmund Reggie Passes

Edmund F. Reggie, a longtime Louisiana political power broker who helped bring John F. Kennedy into the limelight, died Tuesday at his home in Lafayette. He was 87. Reggie's family announced his passing via the family archives.

Parsing the Promise

Mary Landrieu's Obamacare Repair

In the struggle to make sure all Americans are properly insured and can receive medical treatment going into the future, a battle has begun over whether certain insurance policies should count as "proper coverage," as the rollout of Affordable Care Act moves forward. Just like when Obamacare was initially passed, Sen. Mary Landrieu is once again near the center of the fray.

Mary Landrieu Slams GOP on Govt. Shutdown, Vitter Says It's Not So Bad

With the government shutdown in its third week and the deadline to raise the debt ceiling looming on Thursday, Sens and Reps have still yet to reach a deal that would get government employees back to work, and keep the nation from defaulting on its debt. At a Small Business Committee hearing today and a press availability that followed, Louisiana's Senior U.S. Senator lashed out at Republicans for blocking a budget measure that would fund the government, and end the shutdown.

Louisiana Ladies Last in Well-Being

Louisiana ranks number one in obesity, but the old adage about being fat and happy doesn’t necessarily ring true for Louisiana women, according to a new report. The Center for American Progress, a left-leaning think tank, came out with a list that counts down from the states where women fare best, to those where women are struggling the most. 

The Governor's Wife, feat. Edwin Edwards, Slates October Debut (VIDEO)

Edwin Edwards is gearing up to be on TV this fall, but it's not because he's running for office. Now that they've welcomed a new EWE, the four-time governor and one-time convict and his wife Trina are set to debut their reality show on A&E. Click through to see the teaser.

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