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Defender Picks


Sinkhole de Mayo

The mix of an excuse for a party and public infrastructure failure is distinctly New Orleans. Likewise, the mix of a small joke and big, viral reaction is distinct to our modern web powered society. These world collided on Tuesday (5.03) when a Sinkhole de Mayo party became an instant rage. Then, organizers were faced with the dilemma of managing a joke that became a very real event for over 1000 people.

The Big List

Night Out Against Crime Events

Tonight marks the 32nd annual night out against crime, an event initially organized by Officer Kelly Marrione of the NOPD in an effort to increase communication between district officials and the people and neighborhood organizations in the areas they patrol. The national Night Out took place on October 7 in the rest of the country, but in South Louisiana we do things a little different.

Riding the Iron Rail

The Iron Rail Book Collective’s migration is a virtual roadmap for changing neighborhoods in New Orleans. The alternative media library and shop began in the Marigny, moved to the Quarter when rent across Elysian became prohibitive, and most recently operated at book fairs and pop-ups. Now, the organization is raising funds for a new location in the Upper Ninth Ward.

This is Zea End

Margaritaville is not the only NOLA restaurant that will be shuttered in the net few weeks. Today, Zea Rotisserie & Grill announced plans to close their location at 1525 St. Charles Avenue on June 21.

Changes in Latitude: Margaritaville 2.0 is Coming

Parrotheads just did not know that they would be missing Margaritaville so. However, one day after B.B. King’s Blues Club announced that they would be taking over the lower Decatur Street location, their fins are up with the news that a new Margaritaville will open later this year. Call it a change in latitude and attitude.

Hollywood South Inches Closer to StarMaps

La seems more and more like LA everyday. Filming movies alone does not qualify NOLA for the title of Hollywood South; no, any self respecting Hollywood needs glitz and gawkers. We've always had beads to fill the glitz, but now we have the gawkers as well. Enter (stage left) New Orleans Movie Tours.

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