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Defender Picks


Veg Out

NoDef's Unofficial Vegan & Vegetarian Guide to New Orleans

After a month of meat-free Fridays, many of the Lenten faithful may be getting tired of the weekly fish frys around town. All of us here NoDef have known for a long time that vegetarians and vegans are pretty sexy, so why not take a few pointers from the herbivores around town and add some greens to your plate? 
NoDef is making it easy for you, outlining the best restaurants, diners, cafés, and hidden gems in New Orleans for each meal of the day. Check out the list below, and be sure to check back in as we continue to update the green scene in town. 

What NOLA Listens To (on Spotify)

Spotify has put together a very vague survey about the listening habits of New Orleanians. As unscientific as the piece is, it’s still pretty interesting. Spotify looked at what is “distinctive” in New Orleans and discovered that hip-hop rules the roost.

The Quotable Les Miles

The Mad Hatter's Classic Quotes

The future of Les Miles' job at LSU is up for debate. However, there are some things about his past at the school that are certain, namely his quotes. Over the course of his tenure in Baton Rouge, the Mad Hatter was unrivalled as far as giving press. In honor of Miles' controversial career, NoDef offers up our favorite quotes from the man.

The Big List

Night Out Against Crime Events

Tonight marks the 32nd annual night out against crime, an event initially organized by Officer Kelly Marrione of the NOPD in an effort to increase communication between district officials and the people and neighborhood organizations in the areas they patrol. The national Night Out took place on October 7 in the rest of the country, but in South Louisiana we do things a little different.

Punch Drunk Love (Tales Planner)

On Tuesday, Tales of the Cocktail gets rolling. Over the next week, hundreds of events centered around adult beverages will be staged. Tastings, product roll-outs, seminars, and good ol’ fashioned parties will keep livers working overtime. To help y’all navigate through the crowded bar that the Quarter will become, NoDef has put together a list of highlights.

Blight Plan

City Puts 3000 Properties on Auction Block

Updated 12:35p.m. (3.11)

As the clock struck noon today (3.6,) the City put approximately 3,000 adjudicated, or blighted, properties up for auction. Needless to say, blight has been an ongoing problem for the City of New Orleans since many property owners abandoned their homes after Katrina.

Out of the Frying Pan

New Orleans Fish Fry Season Picks Up Steam

For many Catholics, the 40 days following Mardi Gras is a time of fast punctuated by fish on Fridays. For many more locals, Fridays are a time for community and unity. Fish Frys are popping up around New Orleans today and for weeks to follow. 

NOLA Nets 12 Beard Award SemiFinalists

Local New Orleans restaurants and chefs once again found themselves on one of the most coveted lists in the industry today when the 2014 James Beard semifinalist list was released. 12 nods were garnered by local eateries and chefs, many of them no stranger to the awards known as the “culinary Oscars.”

Shopping List: Costume Shops for Carnival

Krewe du Vieux is less than a week away, which means that it’s time to start taking Carnival seriously. No Mardi Gras is complete without a costume. But, NOLA has superior sartorial sensibilities and that vampire kit in a bag just won’t do. A good suit can take weeks to assemble. To get you started, NODef put together a list of our favorite shops to start.


Mass Effect: Times & Places to Pray on Christmas

To many New Orleanians, Christmas is about much more than gifts and eats. The holiday is rooted in religiions and tens of thousands of locals will be flocking to church for mass. With a little help from the Archdiocese, NoDef compiled a list of churches and mass times around town.

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