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Defender Picks


Party People

Louisiana’s favorite husband-and-wife comedy routine received a big shakeup on Thursday (5.06). Mary Matalin announced that she is no longer a member of the Republican Party, but did not commit to a position on presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump.

Libertarians Bash Ban

Today, Mayor Mitch signed the smoking ban into law setting a 90 day countdown into motion. Many groups applauded the move, but the Orleans Parish affiliate of the Libertarian Party was not amongst the well-wishers. The third party views the new law as an assault on personal liberties. Chairman Michael Dodd wrote a letter expressing as much.

Third Party in the Second District

Libertarian Candidate Samuel Davenport Talks with NoDef

Samuel Davenport(L) is challenging one of the Democratic Party’s rising stars, and, the Libertarian candidate is just fine with that. In Louisiana’s 2nd Congressional District, incumbent Cedric Richmond(D) has found himself in a three way battle with Davenport and Gary Landrieu(D). Davenport believes that the realities of representation and listening to the people will give him an edge over both. He took some time to explain the campaign to NoDef.

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