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Defender Picks


The Art of Activism

Picolla Tushy's 'Resist This' Series Blends Politics with Performance

Resist This, an ongoing activism-infused affair presented by Picolla Tushy with her troupe The Bluestockings, held its June edition on Saturday (6.10) night at Sidney's Saloon. The intimate night weaved burlesque, comedy, music, poetry, and vaudevillian varieties to raise funds and awareness for the LGBT Community Center, during New Orleans' Pride weekend. 

Sugar In Your Tank: Stories of Queer Resistance

"The first time I heard the phrase 'sugar in the tank’ was by my auntie in reference to my then-closeted gay male high school friend as she admired him strutting off into the world as he always did,” said Indee Mitchell, a performance artist and co-director of Last Call, a queer artist/activist collective. Together with Bring Your Own Stories, Last Call will host an event tonight named for the phrase as part of the Queer Histories/Queer Futures series partnership with the LGBT Community Center of New Orleans. 

Toilet Tussle

Louisiana Sues Feds Over Bathroom Directive, JBE and Landry Feud

The state of Louisiana is part of a lawsuit filed against the Obama administration, positing that a directive allowing transgender students in public schools to use the bathrooms and locker rooms that match their gender identity lacks any authority. However, the state government, itself, is embroiled in an internal war over LGBT rights.

Pride 2016 Schedule Released

Decadence is not until the end of summer, but for those longing for some rainbow colored festivities relief is in sight. This week, organizers announced the details of the New Orleans Pride 2016 festival. 

Rainbow Warrior: Edwards Issues LGBTQ Protections

On Wednesday (4.13), Governor John Bel Edwards made good on a campaign promise and signed an executive order rescinding Bobby Jindal’s previous religious freedom order. In addition, the current Governor issued a second order  aimed at protecting all citizens including transgendered Louisianans from discrimination.

Gov. Edwards to Revoke "Religious Freedom" Order

With “religious freedom” bills back in the national news again, Governor John Bel Edwards is getting ready to follow through on a campaign promise. Deadline Hollywood reported that Edwards is preparing to revoke a Jindal era executive order that allows businesses to to deny service to same sex couples.

Orpheus Ascending

Over three decades, the Tennessee Williams fest has grown into much more than a Stella shouting contest. Organizers released the lineup for the literary celebration slated to run from March 30th until April 3rd and it’s massive.

Phil Robertson: Same Sex Marriage "Evil" (Video)

For better or worse, Phil Robertson has become one of Louisiana’s highest profile personalities. And, recently, it feels a lot like the days when Bobby Jindal held that dubious distinction. While stumping for Ted Cruz in Iowa, the Duck Commander star assailed same sex marriage, labelling the institution “evil” and a sign “depravity” in America.

Room 220: Wave Length

By Sara Slaugher for Room 220

The Waves, a new quarterly LGBTQ reading series, will hold its first reading of 2016 at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 28, at Antenna Gallery (3718 St. Claude Ave.)  The series will present local and visiting writers alongside emerging and student voices to encompass a multigenerational LGBTQ perspective.

Jindal: Biggest Discrimination Is Against Christians

Bobby Jindal is at again. As da Gov’s polling hovers around one percent, he continues to grasp at culture wars in an attempt to build support. During Wednesday’s (9.16) kiddie table GOP debate Jindal posited that American Christians are the most persecuted group in the country.

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