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Defender Picks


Mailbag: No More Strip Clubs on Bourbon

Bourbon Street and strip clubs have become synonymous, but many residents do not view that condition as a plus. The City Council is set to consider the state of affairs at the end of the month. Reader William Khan wrote to NoDef to argue why the Quarter does not need any more strip clubs.

Letter to the Editor: Meter Hike Will Have Local Biz Working for Dimes

The City recently announced plans to raise rates and increase hours for parking meters in the Quarter. Business owner, William Kahn thinks the change is going to hurt local business and push more consumers to chains and big box store. In the following letter to NoDef, Kahn lays out his case against the hike.

Letter to the Editor: Smoking Ban Extinguishes Tourism

The ashtrays have been removed from bars and in the eyes of the Council, the smoking ban is fait accompli. However, the effects are still trickling down. One reader in Texas writes in to say that he believes the ban is misguided and will not be visiting NOLA as long as crime is high and smokers are unwelcome.

NoDef Mailbox: La. Expat Despondent Over JazzFest Lineup

by Margot Kern 

Reader Margot Kern sent NoDef this satirical letter via email. The Louisiana native mourns her absence for JazzFest 2014 after seeing the lineup. The acts for this year include Eric Clapton, Bruce Springsteen, Arcade Fire, Public Enemy, to name a few. 

Letter to the Editor: Flood Fight from Fl. to La.

Letter to the Editorby Torrey Craig

Torrey Craig moved to Florida from New Orleans over thirty years ago. However, flood insurance rates have remained a constant concern for the coastal dweller. Craig shared with NoDef his letter to his Congressman Gus Billirakis, which deals with the flood fight that Louisiana's Congressional delegation has championed, as well as land use. According to Craig, "Everyone from South Padre Island and Port Isabel, Texas to Wallace Cove, Maine has the same concerns regarding how flood insurance will be changed," and he aims to stir public debate.

Letter to the Editor: ABO Hearing on St. Roch Tavern

On Tuesday, the owner of St. Roch Tavern went before the Alcohol Beverage Control Board in a hearing  in the City Council Chambers.  Dozens of St. Roch supporters arrived to give public testimony, but they were not given a chance to speak during the four-hour process. Alexander Fleming wrote a Letter to the Editor to express his concern over the ABO's handling of the matter. 

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