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Defender Picks


Mayoral Candidates to Take Part in Youth-Focused Town Hall Forum

New Orleans is just a few short months away from seeing its leadership change — as Mitch Landrieu’s tenure as mayor comes to a close, the race to see who will take his mantle has quickly intensified. On Saturday, several top contenders in the race will meet with the Youth Voices Council to share their vision for the future of New Orleans. 


Platform Breakdown: LaToya Cantrell vs. Desiree Charbonnet

Councilwoman LaToya Cantrell and former Municipal Court Judge Desiree Charbonnet are vying to become the first female Mayor of New Orleans. It's high time, as over half of the Crescent City's population is female (51.6 percent according to the 2010 Census). Of the 18 contenders in the mayoral race, if either of these two leading candidates win it will be a landmark victory for the city. But their approaches to how they would take over New Orleans' highest office are very different. Read on for an in-depth breakdown of their different platforms. 


Promotin’ the General Welfare

Ladies First

As a father of two daughters who knows there can be no shortage of successful role models for young women, I am not going to exploit the recent, clichéd Wonder Woman analogy when I say it’s a good sign that two of the city’s declared candidates for mayor are women.  Rather, I’m going to yank out a line from one of my favorites, The Matrix. Near the end of the original film, as he holds Neo’s head close to the subway rail, Agent Smith asks, “You hear that, Mr. Anderson? It’s the sound of inevitability.”


That, New Orleans, is now your reality.


Mayoral Candidates LaToya Cantrell and Michael Bagneris to Take Part in Town Hall Forum

New Orleans is just a few short months away from seeing its leadership change — as Mitch Landrieu’s tenure as mayor comes to a close, the race to see who will take his mantle has quickly intensified. On Saturday, two of the top contenders in the race, Councilwoman LaToya Cantrell and Judge Michael Bagneris, will meet with community members for a major public forum. 

Welcome to Our Neighborhood

By Christopher Louis Romaguera

City Councilwoman LaToya Cantrell brought up a ‘welcoming city’ resolution on Thursday, October 1st that passes anonymously. The resolution aims to make the city of New Orleans more accessible and to work with the different people, races, and cultures that have inhabited the city more and more over the last ten years. The resolution calls for policy changes that are geared towards helping people of different cultures, including those who are undocumented, in partaking in the city, as well as helping grant them access to more of the city’s amenities. As Cantrell said during the city council meeting, she “Wants to make sure that New Orleans is indeed an international city that is indeed ‘welcoming.’” 

Up in Smoke

The Lawsuit, Enforcement, Vaping, & a Party on the Eve if the Ban

New Orleans nightlife is about to change. Councilmember LaToya Cantrell likens the shift the integration of Carnival. Others liken it to the government’s history of fiscal mismanagement. Either way, on Tuesday (4.21), smoking indoors will be illegal in NOLA. But what about that lawsuit? How is anyone going to enforce this law? And, where’s the party? NoDef has your answers.

Mardi Gras Laws on Ladders, Portalettes Pass Council

Mardi Gras is gearing up, and the 2014 season has some new laws that can see parade goers paying upwards of a $250 fine for violating any of latest parade provisions. The Council officially voted on banning portalettes, fining for "throwbacks" from beads to the floats, and other new regulations. 

Mardi Gras Laws Back on Council Agenda

Carnival is on the agenda once again at the New Orleans City Council's meeting on Thursday. The full Council will consider a slate of changes to the laws governing Carnival parade behavior. The changes, proposed by  District B rep LaToya Cantrell, include new regulations governing ladders, port-a-potties and "throwbacks."

Zion City Plant Uprooted

by Karen Gadbois, The Lens

Plans for a concrete batching plant in the Zion City neighborhood, vocally opposed by neighbors already boxed in by industrial development, have reached the end of the road.

Cantrell Proposes New Mardi Gras Ordinance Banning Snap-Pops, Throwbacks

Councilmember LaToya Cantrell caused some Carnival controversy with last week’s proposed Mardi Gras ordinance. The rewritten proposed ordinance was tabled on January 9, in Thursday's City Council meeting. The most recent version does not include a section banning toilet paper throws, a relief for Tuck’s devotees who believe no MG is complete without TP. 

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