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Defender Picks


Pothole Potluck

Mayor Mitch Establishes Working Group For Infrastructure

Sick of New Orleans’ potholes, sidewalks, and decaying infrastructure? Well, help is on the way— sort of. On Monday (11.30), Mayor Mitch announced the formation the Fix My Streets Financing Working Group (FMSFWG). The panel will not quite fix the problem, but they are charged with the first step, figuring out where the money to fix it all will come from.

Cop Shot While Responding to Murder

A New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) officer working an off-duty detail first stumbled into a murder and then found himself the subject of an attempted murder himself. Officer Kenneth Gill is now in the hospital recovering from the attack.

The South Tries To Rise Against Landrieu

Not everyone is happy about the Mayor Landrieu’s plan to remove four monuments from the cityscape. Pair of petitions and a rally are pushing the cause of the Confederacy with Mitch clearly in the crosshairs.

Meet Mayor Mitch

Have you ever had something you wanted to say to the powers that be? Now is your chance. Mayor Mitch Landrieu will host a series of community meetings beginning on Monday (7.13). The meetings, held in conjunction with the New Orleans City Council, aim to discuss budget priorities in preparation for the city’s 2016 budgeting for outcomes process. 

Landrieu Apologizes for Slavery, Calls for Confederate Cleansing

In the wake of the massacre in Charleston, SC, a national discussion raged about race relations and Confederate symbols. On Wednesday (6.24), Mayor Landrieu weighed in on these issues in New Orleans. At the racial reconciliation focused “Welcome Table New Orleans” forum, the Mayor apologized for New Orleans’ role in the slave trade and said it was time to consider changing some local landmarks like Lee Circle.

Landrieu, Harrison Deliver Update on Officer Related Shooting

Tuesday (4.28) night, a 21-year-old man was killed in an officer related shooting during an armed robbery attempt at a Dollar General (10600 Chef Menteur Highway) in the East according to Police Superintendent Michael Harrison.

Mailbag: Captain Black Writes That Mayor Mitch is Micro Managing Chief Harrison

NoDef Reader Nadra Enzi, better known as Captain Black, "the Hood Conservative," is angry about NOPD Chief Harrison. Cap Black writes that Harrison is micromanaged by the Mayor and believes that reasons why are rooted in race. Read the full letter below. 

Sidney Torres Takes Crime Reality to TV (Videos)

Sidney Torres is no stranger  to reality or television. Today, he continued to push the cause of fighting crime in the Quarter on the small screen. The retired trash baron’s “Keep the French Quarter Safe” campaign is starting to gain some clarity. The group now has an objective: the creation of a “plan” by city government. To push that goal, Torres released another two TV spots.

Long Term Rental

Mayor Mitch Asks State Police to Extend Stay

Following in a time honored NOLA tradition, the Louisiana State Police have extended their stay in the French Quarter a few times. However, the crime-fighters are scheduled to leave town on Sunday (1.04). Now, Mayor Mitch Landrieu is asking them to stay just a little bit longer.

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