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Defender Picks


Labor Lagniappe

Top Five Louisiana Labor Day Songs

Louisiana may be a right-to-work state, but natives of the Boot contributed to the working man’s cause in the way that we often do—through music. Toussaint, Lead Belly, and even Tim McGraw laid down tracks about labor. Check out NoDef’s top five Louisiana Labor Day tunes.

The Cradle Will Rock

Part II: The Show Must Go On

In 1937, the Great Depression raged and unions began to rise. Amdist an atmosphere of anxiety and unrest, The Cradle Will Rock was rehearsed. Part I of this series expains that background. In this installment, we pick up after the Memorial Day Massacre.

When a telegram from Washington came on June 11, the company assumed their fears had come true. Bureaucrats ordered that the show - and all other openings for Federal Theatre Project performances - be postponed until the new fiscal year. The WPA hired guards to lock the doors of the Maxine Elliott Theatre on 39th street. Costume, props, and Orson Welles’ scenery were also guarded. Cradle’s opening had been set for June 16, and the company was livid.

The Cradle Will Rock

Part I: Theatres of Necessity

Cripple Creek Theater has begun a new-ish dramatic series titled the Civilian Theatre Project. It’s a socio-political blend of theatre that takes its cue from the Great Depression.

Work Culture

New Resonance Orchestra Premieres 'Labor' Song Cycle at Marigny Opera House

On Wednesday and Thursday night, the New Resonance Orchestra, under the direction of Francis Scully, returns to the Marigny Opera House for their production of Labor: Songs for Unmaking a Living, nine ballads and two incidentals performed by two singers and nine-piece chamber ensemble.

Victor Bussie, La. Labor Leader and Earl Long Stand-In, Passes

On Labor Day, we remember the life of state labor leader Victor Bussie, who died yesterday at age 92. As former president of the AFL-CIO, the Montrose native was the strongest force in the halls of power, "except for maybe the governor," political player Bob Mann told the Advocate. (By governor, we assume he means EWE). But it was no mistake that Bussie wielded a long shadow in the house that Long built. Bussie's legendary battles in Baton Rogue were preceeded by a starring role in a real-life drama starring Gov. Earl K. Long.

Hola Nola: Vol XXV

Hola Labor!

Hola Nola- and hola Labor Day weekend! Lest us not forget why we celebrate this national holiday every first Monday of September: to reflect on the social and economic achievements of the American Labor Movement. And why did the labor movement succeed? The music!

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