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Defender Picks


Swift Rebuke

LA Swift Bus Service to End July 31, Supporters Search for Funding

After seven years of cheap transport from the Crescent City to the Capital, the LA Swift bus service is out of funding.

LA Swift Supporters Seek Long Term Funding

Keeping the commuter bus between New Orleans and Baton Rouge running will likely require private interests on both ends of the line to pony up, according to officials. On Thursday, the state announced it was extending operations of LA Swift for one more month to give local entities a chance to come up with enough money to fund the service. But that doesn't mean the service is funded. With City coffers tight both in the Crescent City and Red Stick, in-kind donations will be required to keep wheels on.

SWIFT Reprieve: State Funds BR-NOLA Bus for Another Month

To the SWIFT goes the (temporary) victory on Thursday, as the state decided to extend the bus between Baton Rouge and New Orleans another month. LA SWIFT service was slated for the garage at the end of June, but the state Department of Transportation and Development opted Thursday to extend the service through the end of July to allow local officials time to formalize a plan to take control of the service.

Bus Stop

Citizens Group Reacts to End of NOLA-BR Swift Bus

The State Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) announced they would not renew the LA Swift bus service contract at the end of June. Representatives from the Department of Transportation and Ride New Orleans’ Rachel Heiligman respond to the news. 

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