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Defender Picks


Spurs Deal Pelicans Sixth Straight Loss, 101-95

by Mark Seither

The Pelicans fought hard and gave the Spurs everything they could handle on Monday night in the New Orleans Arena, but three costly turnovers in the final minutes proved fatal to their comeback hopes. New Orleans just didn’t have an answer for Tony Parker in the fourth quarter. Parker led all scorers with 27 points and seven rebounds and hit some big layups to hold the Pelicans at bay.


Hornets' Late Defensive Collapse Enables Spurs' 106-102 Win

by Norris Ortolano

The New Orleans Hornets' unfortunate trend this season, even sometimes in victory, has been mid-to-late game defensive breakdowns that generally spell doom. On Wednesday night, it was Tony Parker and the San Antonio Spurs who took advantage of Hornets miscues, slicing and dicing their way to a 106-102 victory. The loss drops the Hornets to 14-28 on the season, with only one win in the last three.

Hornets Lose 10th Straight to Spurs

by Kerem Ozkan

More of the expected Friday night, as the Hornets lost to a better team to conclude their tough four-game road trip. The Spurs were a step faster all night, and the game wasn’t as close as the 99-94 final score would suggest.

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