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Defender Picks


King Khan

Ahead of OEJ Gig, Khan Talks NOLA, K-Doe, Waters, & his Name

Arish Ahmad Khan doesn’t have a cell phone. “I think of technology as a virus in some ways,” he says. “People don’t know what meditation is, what silence is.” Rich words, coming from a man whose public persona as King Khan is dedicated to causing a ruckus, but Khan’s always had as much soul in his attitude as in his music. He’s played psychedelic garage-rock revival for almost 20 years now, first with the Spaceshits and later with his bands BBQ Show and the Shrines. You get the sense he’s in for good.

Oh No, K-Doe!

Sadly, an era has come to an end as the famed Mother-In-Law Lounge will shut its doors forever in July (despite a recent cameo on Treme!). The fixtures etceteras will be sold at a garage sale held on the lot on July 10, 10 AM. Apparently, the famed mannequin and some select other items will stay in the family, and a museum may be in the works. Being a collection of Man-Children ourselves, we will dip our heads in mourning. Burn, Baby, Burn!


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