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Defender Picks


Goodell Abdicates as Bounty Decider

It just may be Jonathan Vilma's lucky day. NFL Commissioner Goodell has recused himself from any bounty proceedings, handing the decision-making over to former commissioner Paul Tagliabue. This comes only days after all four Bounty-gate players implored Goodell to remove himself from the proceedings. Although not officially backed by the NFL Players' Association, Goodell says he consulted with the executive director before formally announcing his dis-involvement with the matter.

Jon Vilma Sues Roger Goodell, Again

In the latest round of Bountygate legal drama, Jon Vilma is appealing for delay of game on Roger Goodell. The begrudged Saints defensive captain followed up his defamation suit with more court papers against the NFL again Saturday, claiming that the NFL commissioner is taking too long to make a decision about Vilma's appeal of his season-long suspension. According to ESPN, Vilma argues that he didn't present any evidence in his defense during the appeal, so Goodell should've been able to make a quick ruling. If you didn't see this coming, you apparently don't follow Vilma on social media.

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