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Defender Picks


HBO Mines NOVAC for Quarry

HBO is striving to interact with the community beyond tying up traffic with shoots. The production and distribution giant is teaming up with local film training nonprofit, NOVAC to offer some on-job training. A new program launched jointly by the two entities will offer paid internships on the set of HBO’s NOLA shot production Quarry.

Carnival Clean Krewe Wanted

Mardi Gras might be the world’s largest party. It also might be the world’s largest mess. So, the Department of Sanitation is on the hunt for temporary employees to help with carnival cleanup.

Lighthouse Dims

GSA Policy Shift Leads to Layoffs for the Deaf & Blind

Seventy percent of people who are blind in America are unemployed. In SoLa, not for profit Lighthouse Louisiana strives to remedy the problem by offering competitive jobs for workers with disabilities. However, due to a recent change in General Services Administration (GSA) policy, the social enterprise’s beacon is dimming. Over 40 full-time employees, several of whom have worked at the establishment for decades, have been let go. 

Feds Grant NOPD $1.8 Mil.

Senator Landrieu fares pretty well with New Orleans voters. However, her numbers should get even better after today. Landrieu along with Representative Cedric Richmond and her brother, Mayor Mitch announced a $1,875,000 grant for the NOPD from the feds. According to her office, the money will be used for jobs on the force, community policing programs, and anti-violent crime initiatives.

Opinion: Sen. Landrieu’s not the only one still living with Mom & Dad

By Col. Rob Maness (USAF, ret.), candidate for U.S. Senate

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