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Defender Picks


Cards on the Table

Louisiana's Leader Give Trump Their Chips

The 24-hour news cycle is quickly turning into a rinse cycle. After Donald Trump ascended the mantle of presumptive Republican nominee, some in the party raced to embrace him. However, other elephants want to wash their hands clean of a candidate with a history of offense, including  misogyny and xenophobia. How does Louisiana stand on The Donald? Click on through.

Colbert Skewers Jindal in "Hungry For Power Games" (Video)

The end of Bobby Jindal’s campaign did not mean the end of Candidate J’s national role as a punchline. After news of the ended effort broke, Stephen Colbert delivered a “Hunger Games” style sendoff to da Gov’.

Jindal Out

Well, that’s four years down the drain. On Tuesday (11.17) afternoon, Bobby Jindal announced that he will be suspending his presidential bid. With poll numbers in the low single digits and flagging finances, the move came as a surprise to few.

Jindal's Juicebox

Bobby Jindal is not making much of a splash on the national stage as evidenced by his one percent poll numbers. Candidate J tried to change that last night at Fox Business’ kiddie table debate. Unfortunately, da Gov’ wound up a punchline again. Instead, of garnering attention for policy, he set social media aflame for a moment about “juice boxes.”

Before You Can Say Blackberry Pie

Bobby Jindal does not care what the kids think. During, Wednesday’s GOP kiddie table debate, Jindal declared that he does not have an iPhone or even a Blackberry for that matter. Jindal instead prefers to use a Blackberry.

Trump's Duck In Hand

Bobby Jindal does not have much support at home. Now, the Candidate J is losing followers from his small base. This week, Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson defected from Candidate J to the Trump camp.

Jindal: Biggest Discrimination Is Against Christians

Bobby Jindal is at again. As da Gov’s polling hovers around one percent, he continues to grasp at culture wars in an attempt to build support. During Wednesday’s (9.16) kiddie table GOP debate Jindal posited that American Christians are the most persecuted group in the country.

Trump Card: Bobby J Rants About The Donald

Bobby Jindal’s presidential campaign is a mere blip on the polls. So, in a time honored political tradition, Candidate J is attacking the man at the top of the polls. Jindal used the entirety of a morning speech at the National Press Club to attack Donald Trump who he describes as a “dangerous” “egomaniac.”

First & Last: Jindal Flails At Trump

Bobby Jindal is at it again. Following the lead of the politicians who made it to the big boy debate, Candidate J is lashing out at Donald Trump. While some presidential hopefuls have attacked The Donald for his lack of experience, Jindal chose to criticize the frontrunner for not backing jailed Kentucky clerk Kim Davis.

Jindal to Clinton: Get Jailhouse Advice from Martha Stewart

Bobby Jindal’s stump speech has been pretty rote for the past year. Da Gov’ has stuck to a series of talking points about finding religion, his immigrant parents and the American Dream, and of course, the perils of “hyphenated Americans.” However, on Tuesday (8.11), Candidate J rolled out a new element: Hilary’s emails.

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