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TODAY in NOLA 3.5.17

Today in New Orleans, celebrate your Sunday in style with Gal Holiday and Honky Tonk Revue. NOMA is hosting their annual celebration of Indian culture, and James Singleton brings his expressive face and musicianship to Chickie Wah Wah. Tonight, local artists take the stage for Rock Against Racism. On this day in 1766, Antonio de Ulloa, the first Spanish governor of Louisiana, arrived in New Orleans to take control of the land from the French. Now, read on about this Sunday.

Plaques & Tracks

Club Founder Jimmy Anselmo to be Inducted into Louisiana Music Hall of Fame

Jimmy Anselmo, founder the celebrated uptown music club Jimmy’s, will be inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame November 25th at Generations Hall at 6p.m. Hall of Fame President Mike Shepherd will host along with Hall of Fame musician Vince Vance. The event’s theme, “Such A Night” is a Dr. John reference. Shepherd says, “Mac will be there. He’s a close friend of Jimmy’s, and he will be assisting me in the actual inducting of Jimmy.”  

Carrollton Station Owner Arrested for Candle Scandal

The music club formerly known Jimmy's has been a source of controversy since they reopened, and things heated up again over the weekend. Police arrested Michael Miller and charged him with attempted simple arson Monday, according to records from the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office. Miller, the owner of nearby Carrollton Station (8140 Willow St.), lit an ear wax candle and stuck it into the door of the former Jimmy's, which is now known as The Willow. 

Jimmy's Music Club Could Get Blessing From City Council for Liquor License

A reinstated liquor moratorium left Jimmy’s Music Club (8200 Willow) unable to reopen after a long hiatus, but things are brightening up for the locally beloved venue. Owners Jimmy and Joan Anselmo are on the City Council’s agenda Thursday, after receiving a recommendation from the City Planning Commission to allow alcohol sales.

Jimmy's Music Club Fights Liquor Ban with 3 Days of Music

Jimmy’s Music Club patrons of yesteryear have a chance to relive old times while they join the fight to revive the venue. Jimmy and Joan Anselmo are battling a liquor moratorium, preventing the bar owners from re-opening. However, local acts like Sexdog, Paul Sanchez, and Cyril Neville will turn up the music for three days to help the Anselmos through their costly legal battle with the City.

Liquor Lockdown: Moratorium Threatens Future of Jimmy's Music Club

After a long hiatus, Jimmy's Music Club temporarily reopened to host a few 1980's-inspired reunion shows, but the future of the local music venue is at stake. District A Councilmember Susan Guidry plans to reinstate a moratorium over Jimmy’s Riverbend neighborhood (8200 Willow), which would strip the club of its liquor license. Owners contend that Guidry’s use of the ordinance is illegal, citing a provision in the law that deals with time limits.

'Right Time, Wrong Place'

Documentary Project Unearths the Origins of New Orleans Punk Rock

Though it was never the headliner of the New Orleans music community, punk rock has been a player since the beginning of the music form in the late 1970s. Ryan Sparks catches up with a local documentary maker who's attempting to assemble the pieces of the local scene's raucous - and uniquely New Orleans - provenance.

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