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Defender Picks


NOLA Continues Take Down of Confederate Monuments

Two down, two to go. Early Thursday morning, the City of New Orleans removed the controversial Jefferson Davis monument from its location in Mid-City at the intersection of Canal Street and Jefferson Davis Parkway. It was the second take down in a series of four monuments honoring the “Lost Cause of the Confederacy” that Mayor Mitch Landrieu has pledged to remove from the city’s landscape, following the dismantling of the Battle of Liberty Place monument late last month. 

Monument Valley

Injunction Issued to Prevent Monument Removal

New Orleans monuments to Confederate heroes and the White League will remain part of the cityscape for a while longer. In the most recent turn of the protracted battle, the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeal forbade removal until a lawsuit is resolved.

The Lost Cause: Judge Denies Monuments Suit

A campaign to keep several prominent Confederate monuments is truly looking like a lost cause. On Friday (2.05), Orleans Parish Civil District Court Judge Piper Griffin declined to issue a preliminary injunction that would have blocked the City from removing statues honoring Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, P.T. Beauregard, and the Crescent City White League.

Monumental Hearing

Recap & Analysis from the Monument Removal Suit

The long running debate about the fate of four Confederate monuments entered an endgame on Thursday (1.14) morning. U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier (of Deepwater Horizon fame) heard arguments in a case challenging the Council’s 6-1 vote to declare New Orleans’ monuments to Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, P.T. Beauregard, and the Crescent City White Leage a nuisance meriting removal.

Monumental Decision

Council Declares Four Monuments A Nuisance, Orders Them Removed

The question of removing four controversial monuments to Confederate heroes reached its climax during a fiery City Council meeting on Thursday (12.18). The Council voted 6-1 to declare the monuments Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, P.T. Beauregard, and the Crescent City White Leage a nuisance meriting removal.

Monumental Donation

The push to remove the four controversial monuments quietly took a big step forward this week. A letter from the Mayor’s Office to the City Council announced that an anonymous donor has offered full funding to take down the the monuments to Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, PGT. Beauregard, and the White League.

Marc Morial Calls for Removal of Confederate Monuments

New Orleans current mayor has already called for the City to tear down her monuments to the Confederacy. On Saturday (7.04), former Mayor Marc Morial joined the chorus. The Urban League chief took the stage Essence Fest 2015 and said that it was time for a change including the removal of Confederate monuments.

Pennington's Pressure Point: Citizen Cleans Spray-Painted Civil War Statues

by Shay Sokol

When Roy Pennington, 56, heard that three city monuments were vandalized this week, he immediately thought about the hundred thousand people coming in for Final Four weekend. “I was angry. People will see this, our city defaced. I don’t think so. Not if I can help it,” said Pennington, the owner of Hi-Pressure Cleaning Systems in Houma and Harvey.

Sipp, Allen, Martin Protesters Vandalize City Monuments

By Shay Sokol

Community members have been up in arms following the NOPD killings of Justin Sipp and Wendell Allen earlier this month. What started as families picketing outside City Hall and NOPD Headquarters demanding justice for their sons has turned into vandalistic protest last night. Three public monuments - Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, and the White League statues - were graffitied, respectively, with “For Trayvon Martin,” “For Justin Sipp,” and “For Wendell Allen,” and splashed with paint. 

Stolen Stars and Bars Will Return to NOLA Civil War Museum

A Confederate flag that has been MIA from New Orleans for years is set to return after many years by the end of the week. In the 1980s, a since-deceased volunteer at Camp Street's Confederate Memorial Hall Museum stole the flag of the 14th Louisiana Infantry Regiment. But the FBI recovered the tattered banner in Virginia, and it will return to the museum Friday. The flag flew above some of the Civil War's most famous battles at Manassas, Gettysbury and Antietum. Until Gettysburg in 1863, the banner was carried by a unit largely made up of Polish immigrants from New Orleans, and led by a General Valery Sulakowski, the Museum reports.

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