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Defender Picks


Toilet Tussle

Louisiana Sues Feds Over Bathroom Directive, JBE and Landry Feud

The state of Louisiana is part of a lawsuit filed against the Obama administration, positing that a directive allowing transgender students in public schools to use the bathrooms and locker rooms that match their gender identity lacks any authority. However, the state government, itself, is embroiled in an internal war over LGBT rights.

Ex-U.S. Rep Jeff Landry to Run for La. AG

Former Congressman Jeff Landry is set to run for Louisiana Attorney General in 2015. The conservative Republican, who lost his Washington seat after one term in a redistricting-forced runoff with Rep. Charles Boustany, will run for the state post currently held by Buddy Caldwell.

How Louisiana Reps Voted on Fiscal Cliff

As the country went over the fiscal cliff on the first day of 2013, our elected officials faced a reckoning in Washington. The standoff over taxing and spending priorities ended following a vote in the House of Representatives on a plan passed by the Senate early in the morning in the waning hours of New Year's Day. By midnight Eastern time, the President was back on the plane to Hawaii, but not before Congresspeople - including Louisiana's delegation - went on the record on the bargain that staved off an economic concoction of dramatic tax increases and spending cuts that might have spelled recession.

Boustany, Landry Show Common Ground on Fiscal Cliff Ahead of Runoff

by William DiLella

Louisiana congressmen Jeff Landry (R - New Iberia) and Charles Boustany M.D. (R - Lafayette) find themselves in unfamiliar territory—as their two districts have become one united Acadiana apportionment. This is not uncommon in the current state of Louisiana politics, as the population shifts and dips became clear after the 2010 census. Now, in the 2012 elections, these two incumbents have been forced to battle it out for the last seat in town, and that battle has stretched out from November 6 to December 8, where the winner will really take it all.

The Third Degree

GOP's Landry, Boustany Lock Horns for Single Cajun Country Seat in Congress

In Louisiana's 3rd Congressional District, two Republican incumbents - one Tea Partier and one Grand Old Partier - are squaring off in a winner-take-all battle for to represent Cajun Country in Washington.

NoDef Numbers, Sept. 21-28

Last week, shoes made good weapons and press conference fodder, Jeff Landry forgot to make an appointment before he brought Nazi references into things and, as ever, jeans were hot merchandise. We can't quit the news, but we can try to explain it. NoDef Numbers, which can be found after the jump, tries to help.

Landry's Lampoon

Apparently, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement gives really good meeting. Earlier this week, Congressman Jeff Landry (R-New Iberia) was so excited about his meeting with the federal offshore drilling overseer that he decided to use shock tactics to get in faster. When he was forced to wait 20 minutes, Landry said the Bureau was acting like the "CIA and Gestapo." But this new Bureau ain't no MMS. All that hollerin' and he still doesn't have a meeting. Coverage here.

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