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Defender Picks


Party People

Louisiana’s favorite husband-and-wife comedy routine received a big shakeup on Thursday (5.06). Mary Matalin announced that she is no longer a member of the Republican Party, but did not commit to a position on presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump.

"I done decided" Carville's Court

For viewers who were upset that SNL’s “Maine Justice” was not a documentary, good news arrived when WikiLeaks posted the hacked Sony Archives. Along with executive salaries and a script for the next Bond film were plans for a courtroom-TV show starring ragin’ Cajun politico James Carville.

Today in Nola 11.24.14

You might be feeling withdrawals from Fringe Festival on this Monday, but alas, there lies ahead much to do! First on the agenda, the Saints battle the Baltimore Ravens hopefully pulling out a win. George Packer signs his book The Unwinding with James Carville presenting an introduction on the nonfiction work that details modern democracy. Glen David Andrews rips his regular Tuesday show at d.b.a. Back in 2008, the Deuce was loose on the Green Bay Packers, breaking the record with his 54th touchdown.

Ragin' Cajun Leaves SNL, Bill Hader to Retire

Saturday Night Live has incorporated more swamp humor into their sketches in recent years, but it looks like fans will have to settle for an occasional Maine Justice to sate their Louisiana cravings. Fans must bid adieu to SNL’s James Carville impersonator. After an eight-year run and lots of bawdy bayou talk, Bill Hader announced that Saturday, May 18, will be his last night as a cast member. Click through for clips from Weekend Update. 

Bloomberg Gun Ads Target Mary Landrieu, Carville Intervenes

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is putting the soda buckets down this week and picking up his battle against illegal guns. Proving once again that he has enough money to be on TV anytime he wants, the New York City mayor launched a multimillion dollar ad campagin urging support for universal background checks on gun ownership. Mayor Mike has 14 senators in the crosshairs. One of them happens to be Louisiana's own Sen. Mary Landrieu.

Life on the Pledge (PHOTOS)

Inside the WWOZ Studio

At WWOZ, pledge week doesn't cut into regular programming, it enhances the listening. Ryan Sparks and photographer Ryan Hodgson-Rigsbee sat in as the station considered its existence.

SB Wrap: Blackouts, Shoutouts, and Boots on the Ground

The Super Bowl is over, and officials decided to have one last press conference to congratulate each other on a (mostly) successful host city performance. Mayor Mitch cracked a few blackout jokes, announced some impressive figures, and thanked everyone who contributed in the last few months.

New Orleans Hosts Welcome Super Bowl, Gear Up for Another

On Sunday, the Ravens and 49ers will settle the championship of the NFL on the field. But, until then, we have press conferences, parties and of course music and food. To kick off the hype drive, the Super Bowl XLVII Host Committee gathered the gaggle for a little Monday morning quarterbacking on all of this week's events in New Orleans. Mayor Mitch, host committee chair-couple James Carville and Mary Matalin, Rita Benson LeBlanc and the Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation's Jay Cicero took a moment to set the tone for the week before the reporters hit the bars.

Festivals and Digestibles: Super Bowl Entertainment Details, Talking Points Revealed

If the increased frequency of road closures and likelihood of an Arctic Krewe du Vieux weren't reminder enough, Super Bowl XLVII is almost here. New Orleans' tenth time hosting the NFL's championship game and attendant kerfluffle will bring together two of the National Football League's premiere teams (that aren't the Saints), media mavens from around the world, a Bud Light hotel and, yes, more of those road closures. So what's really in it for locals? Well, you guessed it: a huge festival featuring music and food, quality time with local reality TV subjects and graciousness toward Roger Goodell. Wait, that last one can't be right...

James Carville, Mary Matalin Tout the Cocktail Party (VIDEO)

NOLA locals and national political insiders James Carville and Mary Matalin finally found something to bridge their differences. Well, other love. The couple is featured in a new ad about Bourbon. Not the street, mind you, but the drink itself. Offering even more proof...that they're our savior...Maker's Mark has taken the high ground above the squabbling. The result is the Cocktail Party. No word on platform planks yet, but something tells us there will be tight limits on getting drunk or stoned.

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