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Defender Picks


Room 220: Rickey Laurentiis

"We Need to be Able to See Each Others’ Wounds"

Rickey Laurentiis was named one of the top ten debut poets of 2015 by Poets & Writers Magazine and one of 31 contemporary poets to read by Buzzfeed. His poems have appeared in several journals, including Boston Review, Callaloo, Feminist Studies, Fence, Indiana Review, jubilat, The Kenyon Review, The New Republic, The New York Times, Oxford American and Poetry.

McConaughey Gushes About NOLA

Matthew McConaughey’s love for “the big beautiful mess” that we call New Orleans is well documented. The actor just added to his canon with ,ore gushing praise in a new interview with Garden & Gun.

Okay, Someone's Making A Blood Offering

An interview with Alex Mar

Alex Mar’s new book, Witches of America, is a search for meaning, esoteric and otherwise. She takes her reader on a spiritual cross-country road trip from the Bay Area of California to New Orleans, from the prairies of the Midwest to woodsy little towns in the Northeast. She introduces us to some of the different disciplines in this new kind of faith—Feri, Wicca, Ordo Templi Orientis—whose names sound almost beyond language. With the writer as a proxy, readers experience ritual, spell-casting, initiation, all of it striving for connection to the divine principle that, for most of us, remains so elusive. Throughout Mar proves an intelligent, candid guide.

Ansari Gives Full One Percent to Playing Jindal

In Louisiana, Bobby Jindal has long provided comic fodder. Recent single digit poll numbers have given national comics a few opportunities to get in on the fun(nies). In a Wednesday (11.04) night segment, Jimmy Fallon interviewed Jindal. More to the point, Fallon interviewed Aziz Ansari playing Jindal. 

Jindal's No-Fly a No-Go on ABC

Bobby Jindal took to the airwaves again on Sunday (10.12). Despite his low poll numbers, Candidate J stuck to his game plan, tossing out inflammatory quotes designed to make highlight reels and appeal to the far right. However, after doubling down on his criticism of the Oregon shooter’s father, Jindal found himself on the receiving end of a foreign policy zinger.

Five Questions

Author Michael Allen Zell Talks New Novel and NOLA

Michael Allen Zell’s thrid book, Run Baby Run was just published by Lavender Ink. A slight departure from Zell’s previous work, Run Baby Run is a crime novel set in New Orleans. NoDef sat down with the author to gain some quick insight into the story and its relation to the City.

Mass Mayor Puts Jindal On Blast

Bobby Jindal may not make the first Republican primary debate, but he has found himself wrapped in an argument with a different opponent. The Mayor of Sommerville, Massachusetts slammed Candidate J as a “fear monger” and demanded that Jindal “come and get me!” 

In The Valley: The Revivalists' Zack Feinberg Talks New Album

By Lucy Leonard

Last Friday (7.17), rising New Orleans rockers, The Revivalists, released their new album Men Amongst Mountains. Coming in on the heels of their previous album, City of Sound, Men Amongst Mountains has a more live sound, with most of the songs having been recorded with the entire band in the same room. While on the long drive from Nashville to Gainesville, Zack Feinberg, The Revivalists’ guitarist and one of the band’s founders, had a chance to chat with NoDef about the new album and what’s next for the band. 

Lil' Boosie Tells Rolling Stone He Is Over Louisiana

Louisiana may love Lil’ Boosie, but the rapper who now calls himself Boosie BadAzz has some gripes with the Pelican State. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Boosie dives into his career, police brutality, and why he will never live in Baton Rouge again.

Jindal Jabbers About Paul, Prez (Video)

Bobby J took the national airwaves this morning to push his potential campaign for the Republican nomination. Given his lack of support, Jindal was only allocated a few minutes on ABC’s This Week. He used his time with host George Stephanopoulos to attack Senator Rand Paul as well as to push some now rote lines.

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