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Platform for Prosecution: Charges Announced For 2012 Rig Disaster

Cleaning up oil spills in the Gulf takes some serious time. Apparently, the Department of Justice (DOJ) also moves at a protracted pace when it comes to leveling criminal charges in relation to these disasters. Still, there ultimately is some action. On Thursday (11.20), the DOJ charged three companies and three individuals in connection with a November 2012 oil rig accident that resulted in the deaths of three men and a spill in the Gulf.

State Auditor Finds More Money Stolen By Ex-Traffic Court Accountant

A former New Orleans Traffic Court accountant who was indicted for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars in public money may be on the hook for more money than initially expected. In November, Vandale Thomas was accused of stealing $680,000 in federal court. But a second look by state auditors revealed he lifted a total of $759,065, according to areport made public Monday (8-4).

Gang Indictment Charges Mother's Day Shooting Suspects, 7 Others

Nine people, including the two men arrested in the Mother's Day second line shooting, were indicted on gun and drug charges by a federal grand jury recently, according to court records unsealed today by the U.S. Attorney's office. The nine people are members of the Frenchmen-Derbigny Gang, or FnD, the feds say.

Ray Nagin Arraigned, Pleads Not Guilty

Updated 2:15 p.m.

Ray Nagin pleaded not guilty to corruption charges Wednesday, setting up a trial. In a 15-minute arraignment hearing, the former New Orleans mayor pleaded not guilty to each of the 21 counts brought against him in a federal indictment that was unsealed in January. Nagin is free on $100,000 bond, with travel restricted to Louisiana and Texas. Nagin's trial is scheduled for April 29 before U.S. District Judge Ginger Berrigan, with a pretrial hearing on April 19. He had to surrender his passport at the arraignment.

Loyola Student Indicted for Pre-Test Threats

Firing off a cranky e-mail is a way of life in the digital age. But you can always take it back. Unless, of course, it's addressed to a unversity and threatens to shoot professors and blow up a campus building. Then, you get indicted. Evelyn Hubbard, 21, suffered such a fate this week for sending threats to Loyola University on Nov. 17, 2011. Hubbard was indicted for sending threatening communications about Monroe Hall from a campus computer.

Bribery, Fraud Charges for Plaquemines Sheriff, Contractor

Letten's Lads are at it again. Though the feds denied the chance to bring the hammer down on Gretna cops last week, not all lawmen west of the Mississippi were so lucky. Plaquemines Parish Sheriff Jiff Hingle was indicted today on corruption charges that stem from money he took from contractor Aaron Bennett. For his indictment, Bennett and his company Benetech, get the award for being the subject of two Lee Zurik reports in one week. has been close to Hingle is also charged with writing off personal expenses as campaign business. We already knew there would be a new sheriff down the coast, as Hingle announced he wouldn't running for re-election once the investigation started. Coverage: Zurik Hammer Slabbed 

Hot Boy BG Indicted

NOLA rappers are physically incapable of staying out of the news this week. While Mr. Ghetto was hitting the nation, Cash Money millionaire B.G. was getting indicted by it. U.S. Attorney Jim Letten handed down a 3-count indictment on Baby Gangsta Thursday. The indictment stems from 2009 gun charges. B.G. was arrested in December of that year for possessing 3 guns in New Orleans East. Though it might be fitting that B.G. follows his old pal into the pen for the same types of charges, this won't be a brief, hype-grabbing sojourn at Riker's. B.G. faces 10 years for his crimes.

Gotta Vet the Vets Home

Since even our tax money sometimes ends up in the wrong household appliances, it's important to donate with care around here. If a guy asks you for money, make sure to ask if he has any prior felony convictions. A New Orleans man was indicted this week for posing as the leader of a nonprofit organization, acquiring a building, and soliciting money in the org's name to build a home for returning veterans. A grand jury charged Philip Gibson on all the classic counts: bribery, theft by fraud, perjury, filing a false public record and obstruction of justice.

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