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Defender Picks


Offerman's Dunces Broadway Bound?

Yesterday, The Daily News received lots of attention for the paper’s Trump/Palin slamming “I’m With Stupid” wood. However, the paper also ran a story of greater interest to New Orleanians. The News reported that A Confederacy of Dunces may be heading to Broadway soon.

Zach Galifinakis to Play Ignatius J. Reilly? 'A Confederacy of Dunces' to Finally Become a Movie?

by Shay Sokol

Ignatius J. Reilly once mused, “Apparently I lack some particular perversion which today’s employer is seeking.” Zach Galifianakis – the comedian who smoked a joint on television – might be uttering those lines to himself this week for more than one reason, as he’s reportedly been picked up to play the lovably repugnant genius in another attempt to adapt A Confederacy of Dunces to the big screen. That is, if Fortuna forgives the long-cursed project. Flight of the Conchords co-creator and The Muppets director James Bobin is in negotiations to direct it in New Orleans, and Cedar Rapids screenwriter Phil Johnston is on board for writing duties, Vulture reports.

Spoon Goon of the Prytania Theatre on the Loose

by Ben de la Cour

Looks like Ignatius J. Reilly is up to his old tricks. And, this time, he brought silverware. At a weekend Prytania Theatre screening of that terribly-executed black comedy of Tennessee Williams-esque proportions known as “The Room”, some unknown and unnamed individual in the audience took it upon themselves to throw a spoon at the screen, puncturing it terribly. This week, this slippery spoon-weilder is still on the loose.

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