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Lee's Landing

The Official Update: LiveBlogged

In what is becoming a daily rite, we return to Mayor Mitch's Press Room in City Hall for an update on the storm situation. Perhaps sensing fatigue, the Powers That Be have been keeping these real short, and today was no exception. Here are the key points.

Storm Season Update

Yes kids, humidity's rising, and pressure's dropping faster than Toots can say "Thats-my-number." It's once again time for Hurricane Season. Today, we checked in with our friends at NOAA's National Hurricane Center. A few earlier blips on the radar have dissipated, and the turned North, up the seaboard. Right now, the linguine's looking good. Patterns seem to indicate that the Coast will get their dose this year. However, note TROPICAL DEPRESSION 7, not yet a threat, and predicted to turn Northeast at Bermuda, but keep your eye's open.

Ominous Omens

Before Betsy, we had a white christmas; the next white christmas gave us Katrina. We had no snow this yule, but the World Meteorological Organization has given us something worse... the fifth major storm to fly over our oil filled gulf will be named "Earl." Get those generators ready, and keep your eye on the cones.

Thar He Blows!

Buckle your seatbelts, kids! It's time again for Name That Storm! Hailing from the Gulf of Mexico, let's give a big NoDef hand for our latest contestant... Tropical Storm Alllleeeeexxxxxxx! Alex seems on a steady path to Texas. That would be away from us; however, storms are fickle, and oil companies such as, say, BP are taking measures including evacuations. Of course, Billy Nungesser could not help himself, delivering another instant classic. So, let's get ready to ruuuummmble.

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