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Defender Picks


Pawsible Scenarios: Hurricane Prep for Pets

Hurricane season started today, and the media is abuzz with suggestions about prep, go-bags, and the like. The Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (LaSPCA) took the opportunity to remind locals not to forget their furry friends while preparing for the worst.

Eyes on the Storm: NOAA's 2015 Hurricane Forecast

By Lucy Leonard

With only a few days left until the official start of hurricane season on June 1, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration today (5.27) released its initial forecast for this year’s Atlantic season. Though predicted to be a below-normal season, the NOAA says that does not mean that hurricanes may not occur. 

Tropical Depression Four Forms

By Patrick J. Pearson

Organization has come to Carribean waether and Tropical Depression 4 has formed. According to the National Weather Service (NWS) the depression has winds maxing out around 35 mph, but those winds are expected to speed up  as the system slows down. NWS' Forecaster Brennan predicts that the depression will cheer up into a full fledged Tropical Storm.

The Air Up There

Climate Experts Explain New Orleans Summer's Humid Weather, Afternoon Storms

As August sets in, NoDef checks in with LSU climate experts to get answers about what causes the oppressive heat and humidity.

Tropical Update: TD2 Not Expected to Strengthen

Despite coaxing from ratings-hungry Weather Channel producers, a tropical disturbance making its way west across the Atlantic Ocean is expected to collapse into downward spiral of depression. As of Tuesday (7-22) morning, Tropical Depression 2 was not expected to reach Tropical Storm strength, according to National Hurricane Center forecaster Michael Brennan.

Hurricane Hunter to Land at Lakefront Airport

Hurricane season is approaching on June 1, but hunkering down or going with the contraflow isn't in the plans for one of this week's visitors to New Orleans. Before tropical cyclones become a possibility on June 1, NOAA is dispatching the Hurricane Hunter aircraft to the Crescent City so locals can have a look at the plane that flies right toward the eye of the storm.

City's Sneed Talks TS Karen Prep

Katrina’s anniversary has come and gone, but just when you think it’s blue skies, a storm hits. Tropical Storm Karen is on a northward course from the Yucatan to the Gulf Coast, and New Orleans is under a watch. Oscillating between a tropical storm and a Category 1 hurricane, the city should expect a lot of rain. Dependent on the track, New Orleans Emergecy Operations chief Col. Sneed predicts around 2-5 in. of rainfall. 

FEMA Fight Yields Mo' Money

After a fight, New Orleans is set to receive some more previously promised FEMA money. This time the City is being reimbursed for emergency worker salaries following Hurricane Katrina. A ruling has made it official that the city's first responders went far beyond the call of their duty to protect the people.

Gulf Weather Watch: Waves & Troughs

As we enter the final week of August, New Orleanians are double checking their bottled water, battery, and booze stashes. Nervous eyes are turning towards the Gulf. The National Weather Service (NWS) is churning out maps with yellow circles, but the current threats are not very threatening.

TS Update: Pressure Sets In, Erin Not Depressed

'Tis the Season. It's August in New Orleans, and once again, residents of the regions are looking seaward. Storm spotting has yielded two threats this week, the slow moving Tropical Storm Erin and a low pressure area entering the Gulf. Neither threats are immediate, but both are moving towards the continental US and merit some exploration.

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