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Tropical Update: TS Cindy Comes to Louisiana

Less than three weeks into hurricane season, and the first named storm of the year is on its way to Louisiana. Tropical Storm Cindy has been brewing in the Gulf of Mexico, and is scheduled to hit the southeastern U.S. and gulf coasts, as early as Tuesday evening. 


NOAA Predicts Above-Normal Hurricane Season

Forecasters at NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center predict this year’s Atlantic hurricane season, which runs June 1 through November 30, will see an “above-normal” amount of activity. 

Hurricane Helper

A Primer for Hurricane Season

Hurricane season officially started on Wednesday (6.01). That means that before we start thinking about the Saints, there is some work to be done. It’s time for federal agencies to issue forecasts, locals to stockpile water (as well as adult beverages,) and the tech savvy to download apps. NoDef offers this handy primer on the humid months ahead.

POTUS Tries to Reason With Hurricane Season

Hurricane season starts on Wednesday (6.01) officially. In New Orleans, we know that the federal government sometimes ignores this season altogether. However, on Tuesday (5.31), President Obama issued some advice on preparation to the American people.

Well Seasoned

The Saints and LSU’s Tigers are not the only locals dealing with the end of a season. On a positive note, today, December 1st, marks the end the 2015 Hurricane Season. New Orleans and the Gulf Coast escaped the cautionary period without any significant storms.

The Air Up There

Climate Experts Explain New Orleans Summer's Humid Weather, Afternoon Storms

As August sets in, NoDef checks in with LSU climate experts to get answers about what causes the oppressive heat and humidity.

NOAA: Below Normal Hurricane Season Looks More Likely

With named storms only up to B and the Atlantic all cheered up and free of depression at the moment, NOAA decided to make everyone feel even better about hurricane season by releasing a relatively hopeful forecast update on Thursday (8-7). The 2014 season now has an even better chance of having a below normal number of named storms, the federal weather wizards said.

Tropical Update: TD2 Not Expected to Strengthen

Despite coaxing from ratings-hungry Weather Channel producers, a tropical disturbance making its way west across the Atlantic Ocean is expected to collapse into downward spiral of depression. As of Tuesday (7-22) morning, Tropical Depression 2 was not expected to reach Tropical Storm strength, according to National Hurricane Center forecaster Michael Brennan.

Tropical Update: TS Arthur Forms in Atlantic

by Patrick J. Pearson

The storms hovering off the coast of Florida for the last several days weren't just going through a bad patch. Overnight, the system slid into depression. By Tuesday morning, the system was called Arthur. According to the National Hurricane Center, the formation of the first named storm of the season could lead to the Atlantic Ocean's first hurricane of 2014. But Arthur isn't cause for concern on the Gulf Coast at this time. Here's the full outlook, from NHC Forecaster Stacy Stewart:

Sales Tax Holiday for Hurricane Supplies Runs Sat., Sun.

Even as weather wizards predicted a "normal" hurricane season in the Atlantic this week, officials were quick to remind the public that a single storm could create a disaster. With preparedness in mind, the state is making any hurricane supply buy a tax-free purchase over Memorial Day weekend.

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