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Defender Picks


Marlin Gusman Don't Care About Tourists

Amongst all of the poor, forgotten souls K left in the flood, it appears a couple have yet to find their way into the heartstrings of America. Ohio journeymen Paul Kunkel and Robie Waganfeald were looking for a trip down the rabbit hole that is Rue Bourbon when they were ostensibly arrested for public drunkeness two days before the storm hit. From there, they were sent all the way to the heart of darnkess as they learned that jail sucks, and eventually landed in Angola. Now, the Lens reports, they're suing for false imprisonment, and (oops!) they were never charged. Wait a second. We feel like we've heard this one before - and gotten a lot angrier afterward.

Projects, Projects Everywhere

Like the uncle with a rap sheet that your mother tried to keep you from talking to at the family reunion, the shadow of FEMA continues to loom as the fifth anniversary of Katrina (finally) passes. To show just how large the FEMA impact still remains, the folks over at the New Orleans Lens put together a map and extensive article on the projects FEMA funded following the storms. The map includes a host of city-supported projects as well. It all proves things can get accomplished in this city after all, but not without the bopping of an awful lot of heads!

Lead Outta Contamination

As new toxic pollutants start to infiltrate our shores, it's nice to know that one of the old ones is going away. New Orleans' infamous lead levels decreased by as much as half in the wake of Katrina, a study conducted by researchers from Tulane and Colorado State University found. Because we need some good environmental news around here, we're willing to ignore all the paint peeling off of old houses. We'll even pretend not to wonder where all that lead went.

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