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Defender Picks


Lower 9 Tour to Break the Cycle

While disaster tourism in the Lower Ninth Ward stirred up controversy in the months after Katrina, on this week’s 6th anniversary of the storm, some residents will take part in a more uplifting tour of the neighborhood.  Thursday’s bike tour is meant to be a celebration of the progress being made in the Lower Ninth Ward, and NOLA Social Rides is adopting the theme” Mid Summer Mardi Gras,” encouraging riders to wear costumes and bring beads and candy for throws.

Report: LSU Canned Ivor Van Heerden Over Levee Flak

Sometimes, it takes a committee with a big, official name and a long, wordy report to tell us what we already know. In a brief issued recently, the American Association of University Professors called LSU on the carpet for firing ex-research professor and Army Corps of Engineers critic, Ivor Van Heerden. The report definitively said that Van Heerden was fired not because of financial reasons, as LSU officials claimed.

State Treasurer John Kennedy: Consider Other Options for State's Lower Mid-City Hospital

MID-CITY - As state treasurer, John Kennedy usually deals with investments, cash flow and the state's finances. But he waded outside of his day-to-day arena Tuesday night, discussing health care and hospitals with a large group of locals at Canal Street's Grace Episcopal Church. Standing at a single mic in the center of the floor for all of the two hour session, Kennedy lamented the lack of a large, state-run hospital in New Orleans.

Do Whatcha Wanna

Deconstructing the Season 2 Finale of 'Treme' with Coco Robicheaux and Mike Kimmel

 As Season 2 of 'Treme' came to an end Sunday night, NoDef once again went to Buffa's to talk with local characters who were in the show.

Room 220:Jennifer Shaw's 'Hurricane Story'

From Press Street's Room 220

"I was nine months pregnant and due in less than a week when Hurricane Katrina blew into the Gulf. In the early hours of August 28, 2005, my husband and I loaded up our small truck with two cats, two dogs, two crates full of negatives, all our important papers and a few changes of clothes. We evacuated to a motel in southern Alabama and tried not to watch the news." So begins the artist’s statement in Jennifer Shaw‘s book of photography, Hurricane Story, which will be released by Chin Music Press in July. 

Brownie Points

At NOLA Appearance, Michael Brown Talks About the Role of FEMA After Katrina, Anderson Cooper and Angry Truckers

GARDEN DISTRICT - On Friday night, former FEMA director Michael Brown made an ackonwledgement about his handling of the post-Katrina tragedy unfolding in New Orleans.

'Katrina's Secrets' Include Ray Nagin's Shots, Divine Intervention

by Michael Cohn-Geltner

CENTRAL CITY -  After the many excerpts, New York television apperances and jokes about his hair, former mayor C. Ray Nagin's opened the trove of Katrina's Secrets yesterdayas the memoir went live on Amazon. He self-published the book. If he went through an agent, he would have to hand the book over to a publisher, who would cut a sentence here, clip a paragraph there, he said at a press conference yesterday. He would not have the final say in how his story would be told, and that made him uncomfortable. That paranoia spilled over into the pags of the book.

What is New Orleans?

Deconstructing 'Treme' with Holley Bendtsen and Harry Mayronne

The Pfister Sister and local pianist discuss how the death of Steve Earle's character mimics life at the time.

Ray Nagin Plays it Straight on The Daily Show

After his morning cozy time with Matt Lauer, former mayor Ray Nagin swung by The Daily Show to have a few laughs with Jon Stewart and again promote his new book, Katrina's Secrets, last night. Most of the laughs came at the expense of former Gov. Kathleen Blanco, who we can only assume Nagin takes a lashing to in the book (Local media don't get a copy until the official release date on Wednesday). Stewart brought up a scene in the book in which Blanco becomes angry with Nagin after she supported Bobby Jindal. "She said there would be hell to pay, and I think Katrina qualifies," Nagin said.

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