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Defender Picks


Yule Logs

NOFD's Annual Lists of Holiday Safety Tips

Inevitably, holiday merry making sometimes devolves into a mess making. Beyond the potential for a holiday hangover, Christmas catastrophes can sometimes be serious, even deadly. So, the New Orleans Fire Deaprtment (NOFD) once again issued their annual list of holiday safety tips.

Cathedral Christmas Concerts Commence

In New Orleasn, music is religion. And once a year, that mantra becomes a littlle more literal. Christmas New Orleans Style's holiday concerts in the St. Louis Cathedral begin again tonight (12.1) and continue though December 20th.

Drinking Culture

Christmas Season at the Sazerac Bar

Gentle reader, certain rites must be observed if we are to continue calling ourselves "civilized." Send the wine-stained suit to the cleaners. Finagle some tickets to a holiday show. Pass through the lobby of the Roosevelt Hotel en route to a few pregame drinks that you almost certainly cannot afford. It’s Christmas time, my friends, and we’re dropping by the Sazerac Bar!

Christmas on Crus Control

Herbsaint's Joe Briand Offers Wine Tips for the Holidays

Christmas dinner is only half of a proper feast. Wine, too, is needed to fill out the yule spirit. Joe Briand certainly knows a few things about wine. In addition to working as the General Manager of Herbsaint, Briand has used to venue to build one of the city’s top wine programs. Last week, the sommelier poured a glass of wine and then sat down with NoDef to offer some tips on finding the right bottles for the holidays.

A Christmas Carol

Christmas is days away and New Orleans is ready. Houses glow with festive lights, the halls are decked with boughs of holly, and Douglas Firs have usurped Palms for a few weeks. Tonight, the final piece will flaunt place when thousands gather in Jackson Square for the Patio Planters’ annual caroling.

Riverwalk Lights Up With Massive Menorah

Bonfires on the river are not the only pyrotechnics that New Orleans employs to celebrate the holiday season. Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, begins on Tuesday (12.16) and menorahs will be springing up around the city. An eleven foot tall model will be springing up in Spanish Plaza courtesy of The Outlet Collection at Riverwalk and Chabad of Louisiana.

Jingle & Mingle: Neighborhood Caroling on Sunday

Sunday (12.14) night won’t be silent. Rather, NOLA will be offering lots of jingle and even more mingle with two opportunities for neighbors to go a’ caroling. Washington Square and Palmer Park will each be hosting events, but don’t bundle up too much because it will be a balmy 64 degrees.

Reveillon Roundup

Revelers Delight in Late Night Food Fix

As if NOLA needed another excuse to eat and be merry, Reveillon dinners have been making their way back from the shadows over the past few years. The City now offers plenty of options to honor tradition (with a modern twist) through the late night dinners.

Christmas on the Bayou: Lafayette's Noel Acadian au Village

By Ashley Larsen

It’s that time of the year again. The time filled with twinkling lights, holiday cheer, and a little bit too much hot chocolate. The Noel Acadian au Village in Lafayette has all of those things and Santa Clause to boot. The Christmas festival fundraiser features half a million lights filled with animated displays, carnival rides, and live entertainment. 

Harry Shearer, Judith Owen Set for 2 Night Holiday Sing-A-Long Stand

by Emma Boyce

Jazz up your holiday season with some much needed folly at the Contemporary Arts Center on December 18 and 19 for Judith Owen and Harry Shearer’s Holiday Sing-A-Long. If you’re already grunting ‘bah, humbug’ at the very idea of a sing-a-long, think again. Shearer—the guy who brought you the sinister scrooge himself, Mr. Burns of The Simpsons, and helped bring you the mockumentary This is Spinal Tap— and his singing, songwriting wife revitalize hackneyed Christmas classics with plenty of biting wit and irony.    

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