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Defender Picks


Hogs Announces Winners

It's easy to get lost in the piggy paradise that is Hogs for the Cause. But beyond the pork, beer, and live music, Hogs is a competition. In 2017, Blue Oak BBQ took home to coveted Grand Champion award, while Fleur de Que took home the honors for a second year in a row to be the top fundraising team. In all the teams in competition collectively raised over $1.3 million. Click on through for the complete list of winners.

Piggin' Out

Annual Hogs for the Cause Festival Returns This Weekend

Oh pork, how do New Orleanians love thee? Let NoDef count the ways. Smoked ribs, pork shoulders, and whole hogs will be offered at the 9th annual Hogs for the Cause, a nonprofit food and music fest taking place this year at the UNO Lakefront Arena Grounds this Friday (3.31) afternoon through Saturday night. 90+ teams will vie for a chance to win the Hog Grand Champion title, while festivalgoers can indulge in their efforts. Start the smokers, y’all!

Hogs Announces Winners

Beyond the porcine plethora and the music, Hogs for the Cause is a competition. In 2016, powerhouse team Aporkalypse Now took home the coveted High on the Hog Grand Champion award. Click on through for the complete list of winners.

Wild Boars

Drunken Pigs Preps for Pig-Out

Hogs will start a day late, but there’s still plenty of action at the festival grounds today.  The krewes at City Park are counting on the fires of their smokers to ward off the wet. Despite a delayed start date, Hogs for the Cause is set to unleash an onslaught of porcine products this weekend. NoDef checked in with our friends at Team Drunken Pigs to get an insider look.

Hogs Cancels Friday

Sustained showers have rained on the pork parade at City Park. Hog for the Cause announced that their annual pork fest will cancel Friday (4.01) festivities. Saturday (4.02) is still a go according to organizers.

Hogs Hits the Mattresses

Clemenza once said, “"Hey, come over here, kid, learn something. You never know, you might have to cook for 20 guys someday.” On March 31st, an all star collection of New Orleans chefs will be cooking for a lot more than 20 guys. The 4th annual Hogs for the Cause gala dinner and kickoff will be a Godfather inspired “Italian Wedding Feast.”

A Good Ribbing

Smoking meat is a long process and so is Hogs for the Cause. Team Drunken Pigs is getting a head start on the April event with a warm-up called Pigs for the Cause. On Saturday (12.12), the contenders will stage Ribs for the Cause at Black Label Icehouse to warm up for their showing at the big show and raise some money for charity in the process.

Pigging Out: Hogs Lineup Release

Most of NOLA is focused on overindulging in holiday cheer, but a few locals are getting ready to pig out with a purpose. Hogs for the Cause announced the music lineup for their April 1st and 2nd pork party at City Park today.

Pigging Out

By the closing hours of Hogs, most attendees were contending with a mix of full and fatigue. The event’s growth has been nothing less than mercurial. Still, one detail remained: the titles. Chefs spend months preparing for the cook-off, but winning yields an entire year of bragging rights.

A Smokin' Cause

by Ashley Rouen

The first day of Hogs for the Cause (3.27) started off with a bang. Teams gathered Friday night to prepare for the BBQ feast and charity drive popping off today (3.28.) Drive-By Truckers headlined, as neon lights radiated from private tent parties throughout the night. Today the Soul Rebels close out the fest and the winners of the pork competition will be announced at 7:30p.m. So, get your forks ready for some pork and head out to City Park to support the cause if you're looking for a smoky way to spend your Saturday.

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