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Defender Picks


Counter-Culture Bearers

HNOC Exhibit on Loujon Press Showcases 1960's New Orleans

The Williams Research Center of the Historic New Orleans Collection deviates from its standard traditional exhibits to highlight the eccentric French Quarter counterculture of the 1960s. 

Literary Gold Mine

As Louisiana Poet Laureate Julie Kane told us back in June, New Orleans used to have a bustling literary scene centered around the Maple Leaf Bar. Though those readings are a little quieter these days, poetry readings continue to dot the calendar. One of the foremost readings currently running is the 17 Poets! Literary & Performance Series, which will open its Fall season tonight with an open discussion and exhibit featuring dozens of original New Orleans literary publications relating to the Crescent City's historical contribution to arts and letters.

Campaign to Get Loujon Press Works on iPad Likely a Non-Starter

The totality of the Loujon Press catalogue can fit in this sentence: two of Charles Bukowski's early books, two of Henry Miller's later books and four issues of the journal, The Outsider. Yet, in New Orleans literary circles, the artistic publishing works of the French Quarter's Jon and Louise “Gypsy Lou” Webb continues to captivate. That's probably because their books weren't just words, pages and binding. As Room 220 editor Nathan C. Martin describes in a recent two-part article for Pelican Bomb, the books included intricate assemblage. Martin reports one of the Miller books included a handmade wooden box, a dozen of the author’s watercolors and a book "couched in foam and glistening metallic." Read the full article here and here.

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