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Coroner Reclassifies Henry Glover Death as Homicide

Ten years after Katrina, the specters of the dark days after the levee break continue to linger. Today, Orleans Parish Coroner Dr. Jeffrey Rouse changed the medical classification of the death of Henry Glover from "undetermined" to "homicide."

Feds Drop Charges Against Ex-Cop in Henry Glover Case

The feds have abandoned their effort to prosecute one of the former New Orleans police officers in connection with the death of Henry Glover following Hurricane Katrina. In a one-page order filed Thursday, U.S. District Judge Lance Africk said the government requested a dismissal of the case against former NOPD officer Travis McCabe.   

Henry Glover Protest

Coroner's Office Agrees to Re-examine "Unclassified" Death of Man Killed, Burned in 2005

A group of protestors gathered at the Orleans Parish Coroner's Office (2612 Martin Luther King Blvd.) to demand that authorities reopen the file of Henry Glover, who was killed by NOPD officers and had his body burned on a levee in Algiers following the Federal Flood of 2005.

Jury Acquits Ex-NOPD Cop Who Shot Henry Glover

In a retrial of one of the cases involving shootings by NOPD officers, a jury reverseda 2-year-old verdict. David Warren, a former police officer who shot Henry Glover near an Algiers strip mall, was acquitted of civil rights charges in connection with the case.

New Trial Begins for ex-NOPD Officer Convicted in Henry Glover Case

The ghosts of post-K chaos continue to linger at Camp and Poydras. Jury selection began Monday morning in a new trial for one of the former NOPD officers who was convicted in connection with the death of Henry Glover. David Warren, who shot Glover near a strip mall in Algiers on Sept. 2, 2005, was granted the new day in court by a federal appeals panel last year.

Cop Convictions Overturned in Henry Glover Case

Updated 12 p.m.

The grisly post-K chapter involving the killing of Henry Glover isn't over. Two former NOPD officers convicted for the Algiers resident's death saw some of their convictions overturned by a federal appeals court ruling handed down late last week. David Warren, who shot Henry Glover, will get a new trial. Gregory McRae saw his conviction on one count reversed by the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, and will be resentenced in U.S. District Court.

Sunday Reading: August 28, 2011

Like you, our Midsummer Mardi Gras costumes took our noses out of the headlines. Here's a couple snippets we missed:

MSNBC producers seem to believe Ray Nagin is a disaster consultant

Report provides new insight into Henry Glover saga 

Bridge jumper dialed often

New Trial for Convicted Cop

One of the officers who was convicted in the post-Katrina shooting death of Henry Glover and subsequent police cover-up will get a new trial, a federal judge ruled today. Travis McCabe, who was convicted of writing a false police report in the case, presented new evidence that he was not guilty, and it is "grave" enough to deserve a retrial, Judge Lance Africk ruled today. McCabe presented a second version of the police report that proves it wasn't changed. The trial is scheduled for August.

NoDef Nods

Ten Events That Defined '10

In a place where the collective experience of parades, boomer musician curtain calls, and Cape Verdean storm systems already occupy a huge portion of private life, the events of the past year caused all New Orleanians to speak with a single guttural noise. From Causeway to Gulf, there rang out a booming “Who Dat” as the little football team that a few people pay attention to gave us deliverance.

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