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Defender Picks


HBO Documentary Shines a Light on the Nation’s Troubling Trend of Untested Rape Kits

On Law and Order: SVU, detective Olivia Benson (played by Mariska Hargitay) is a member of an elite squad who has helped victims of sexual assault get justice from their attackers for nearly two decades. In the upcoming HBO documentary I Am Evidence, Hargitay explores the real life fight for police to examine the hundreds of thousands of untested rape kits across the country. The documentary's focus is especially relevant as April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month in the United States — and draws renewed attention to the state of affairs in Louisiana. 

NOLA Women to Celebrate Their Power on Equal Pay Day

Tuesday, April 4th is Equal Pay Day, the symbolic day when women have finally caught up in salary to what men earned the previous year. In the over half-century since the Equal Pay Act went into effect, little progress has been made to close the gender wage gap in America. In fact, recent reports have projected that the gap will not close until 2115 in Louisiana, one of four states expected to have a pay gap into the 22nd century. 

Helena Moreno Not Planning on City Council Run

For now, it looks like the race to fill Stacy Head's former City Council seat will remain a three-way race, and it may even see fewer mailers. State Rep. Helena Moreno was considering a run for the open seat, but now she isn't.  "I love the legislature," she said.

Read more at Uptown Messenger

Redistricting Rundown

The redistricting debate that's going on up in Baton Rogue is based on the  numbers of people out there for the politicians to represent, but it's no secret that when redrawing the lines, sens and reps are trying to keep themselves employed. State representatives from New Orleans were just barely able to help themselves out. By one vote, the contingent (with the help of Mayor Mitch) fended off a plan that would have merged the districts of Demorcatic reps Walt Leger and Helena Moreno. Leger was especially emphatic in his opposition to the plan. He said it was because of the civil rights act. But in the back of his mind, there had to be some thoughts about Moreno's last camapaign.

Thanks for the Memories: 8.8% of District 93 Elects Helena Moreno

Well, the poll results are in and, with a whopping 8.8% turnout, New Orleans 93rd State House of Representative district elected Helena Moreno as their next representative.  

There was lots of mud slung first! See it all & read more!

Baton Rouge & Beyond

Education, the Budget, and an Election Loom Large

Over the last week, the District 93 race has continued its slide from substantial policy debate toward petty mudslinging.  James Perry has continued filling mailboxes with fliers portraying Helena Moreno as irresponsible, slamming her for supporting John Georges, and questioning everything from her sobriety to her ethics.  

Muddy 93 Race Goes Legal

The District 93 race is getting downright nasty. As readers may recall, Moreno launched some mud at Perry attacking his over 90 parking tickets. Perry fired back (Story scooped here!) with flyers of his own. Now, Moreno has elevated the battle to the courtroom filing a suit against Perry for violating election code by making false claims about her.

District 93: James Perry's Muddy Counterstrike

by Geoffrey Leonard

James Perry sent out a mailer today slamming Helena Moreno for alleged hypocrisy.  The charge? That, while calling him unfit to serve because of his driving record, she was out getting sued for failing to pay her rent and missing a bankruptcy hearing for a $10,000 loan she defaulted on. 

See the dirt!

Better Late Than Never (Redux)

A Legislative Update For a NOLA District Without A Legislator

As the District 93 election heads into three more weeks of campaigning before the May 29 runoff, the Louisiana House and Senate keep on keepin’ on. With the halfway mark of the legislative session in a couple of days, here's a status report on some of the issues facing the new District 93 Rep. (For a little background, you can read last weeks Better Late Than Never.)

93 Runoff

State election often get eclipsed down... Heck, with Karnival and the Saints, even the mayoral election got eclipsed down here. But NoDef, being civic minded and huge fans of James Perry, have been paying lots of attention to the District 93 race. Perry with 38% of the vote and Helena Moreno with 27% will advance to the runoff aka the Lightning Round .

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