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Defender Picks


Orpheus' Capades

Get your ladders ready. Orpheus rolls in just a couple of weeks. In advance of the super-krewe’s February 8th parade, the krewe released details including royalty and musical guests today.

Drew Brees Sends Message to Harry Connick Jr. on American Idol (VIDEO)

Harry Connick Jr. is known for being harsh with contestants on American Idol, but Breesus appeared on the show to preach forgiveness to Connick. The locally bred musician and actor was defending his judging style on last night's episode, and Drew Brees made a special video appearance to ask Connick to give the kids a break. 

Civic Duty: Ellis Marsalis, Harry Connick Jr. Play for Musicians' Village

by Stacy Coco

Harry Connick Jr. spends a lot of time outside of the Boot, but the artist made time for his home town on Tuesday. A luncheon for The Ellis Marsalis Center for Music (EMCM) was held at The Civic Theatre Tuesday, February 4.  The benefit celebrated the Center's work with local youths and adults to promote New Orleans’ musical culture.

Harry Connick Jr., La. Musicians Let in Some Sunshine on PBS

We've seen troops and treasures unfurled to celebrate Louisiana's 200th birthday. But the bow on this bicentennial present to the Pelican State, as ever, will come in the form of a song that's near and dear to our hearts. And you can watch in on TV! Sunday night on PBS (LPB/WLAE, 7 p.m.). "Sunshine By the Stars" stretches Gov. Jimmie Davis' famed "You Are My Sunshine" into a full hour with some help from famed Louisiana musicians.

Harry Connick Jr. Dances Through French Quarter 'Sunshine' (VIDEO)

Harry Connick Jr. was in the French Quarter today, and he brought a bunch of his friends with cameras with him. Never a stranger to PBS, Connick is in the midst of shooting for a new PBS special that will pay triubte to Louisiana's songs and "industries that have shaped its future." The show is underwritten by BP, so we might have a clue where the latter part is going. But today it was all singing and dancing in the Quarter for Connick, as he taped a segment featuring Pelican State original, "You Are My Sunshine." Click through for NoDef video from behind the cameras:

PBS Spotlights Marsalis, Connick Family Trees

Harry Connick Jr. and a Marsalis are once again on PBS, but this time it's not just to rifle off a few standards. Harvard historian Henry Louis Gates Jr. used Connick and Branford Marsalis as guinea pigs for a new series titled Finding Your Roots, which traces the musicians' histories back well beyond the District Attorney and Ellis using genealogy and genetics. The episode illuminates music and racial history in New Orleans and why Connick is "The Lost Marsalis." Watch the whole thing here, or watch it on TV Thursday.

'James Carville' Returns to SNL with Bawdy Bayou Babble (Video)

Lindsay Lohan was the prime attraction of this week's episode of Saturday Night Live across the country. But down here, we were paying a lot more attention during the part of Weekend Update that featured the guy who talks funny. James Carville (as played by Bill Hader) supposedly appeared in order to assess Rush Limbaugh's slut remark, but of course veered off to describe a rare backyard Bayou game called "The Patchelor," his friendship with gators and a reference to Harry Connick Jr. that may forever change his name in our minds. It's admittedly hard to stop watching, but that's probably just because it's hard to figure out if this is horrifying or hillarious. Click through for video.

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