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Defender Picks


The Intoxicology Report

One Week of Tequila

Welcome to the Intoxicology Report, a drinking journey with a few recommendations and a few lessons. This column is dedicated to my experience consuming one variety of alcohol for seven days straight. Ahead of National Tequila Day on July 24th, we begin with the spirit from our southern neighbor, and a favorite of 20-somethings everywhere. Shots!


Southern Decadence 2012: Monkey Business

Isaac has come and gone, and it’ll be raining men this weekend on Bourbon and St. Ann. Southern Decadence 2012 is here for the 41st year in a row, and the official theme for this year’s fest is Peace, Love, & Hope=Monkey Dance. Grand Marshals Pat McArdle & TJ Conard invite everyone to fly high with this year’s official song, Starships by Nicki Minaj, and the festival’s charity for the year is  Belle Reve

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