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Defender Picks


Chicken-Fried Festin'

If the repressive summer heat leaves you feeling a bit cooped up, you can run afoul (or more accurately, a fowl) this fall at the second annual National Fried Chicken Festival. Today the team behind FCF dropped some finger-lickin' facts about the fall fest. 


Emeril Lagasse & Jason Klutts Offer Recipes for National Fried Chicken Day

Today (7.06) is National Fried Chicken Day! NoDef reached out to culinary standard bearer Emeril Lagasse and rising star Jason Klutts of Cane & Table for tips and recipes for the Southern classic. Emeril offered up an exciting riff on waffles and chicken. Klutts offered a traditional take on the dish. Click on through for the recipes.

Al Copeland's Family Sells Original Recipes to Popeyes

Al Copeland and Popeyes are united in spice once again. The Atlanta company that now owns Popeyes announced a deal this week to buy the original fried chicken recipes outright from the company controlled by the late wing king's family. The deal was reportedly worth $43 million, according to the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

Spice Wars

Church's Challenges Popeyes for Fast Food Fried Chicken Supremacy

Popeyes and Church's were once part of the same fried chicken kingdom. Now owned by separate overlords, Church's is challenging Southeast Louisiana's most successful chicken chain at their specialty: the spicy stuff. Before Al Copeland turns over in his grave, Brad Rhines explains that Popeyes isn't going away anytime soon.

Love That Chicken

The rest of the country now knows another thing we take for granted in NOLA... No, not the joys of open containers. No, not the Saints. Popeyes. Prepare for the media blitz, as the same research group that bought you the Pepsi Challenge has discovered that Americans prefer Popeyes to KFC in blind taste tests. In celebration, NY's Times Square turned orange this week as a brass band led a Yankee effort at a secondline.

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